Colorado Stethoscope Maker Names World Stethoscope Day

Feb 17, 2016, 17:18 ET from Thinklabs Medical

DENVER, Feb. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Thinklabs Medical has declared February 17th World Stethoscope Day.  The Denver-based company has revolutionized the stethoscope, and today celebrates the 235th birthday of Rene Laennec, the French physician who invented the device. 

Inventor-entrepreneur Clive Smith created Thinklabs One, a digital stethoscope whose form factor and sound quality has revolutionized the device.  This year is the 200th anniversary of the stethoscope.  In the two centuries since its creation, the sound quality of a typical stethoscope has gone unchanged, operating on the original principle of transmitting sounds via air pressure in a long tube to the listener's ears.

Smith started by throwing out the tubes and reinventing the diaphragm, whose vibration in the conventional device creates air movement and pressure.  Smith's device looks unlike any stethoscope ever made, and opens up myriad new uses for the device. 

The unique form factor fits in the palm of your hand, and has given clinicians the ability to remotely monitor patients in telemedicine, enables them to auscultate in biocontainment areas (which was previously impossible), and to teach medical students more effectively.  It also allows hearing-impaired clinicians to practice, because it offers unparalleled amplification and connectivity. The One also has been used in art and music installations around the world.

Smith is a Caltech educated engineer who grew up in South Africa.  He founded his company, Thinklabs Medical, to bring technological answers to clinical problems. He is available today for interviews about the current and future uses of the stethoscope.  Call 303-525-3458 or visit for more information.


SOURCE Thinklabs Medical