Colourblind Memory Test Game From What's AppMaker Combines Fun and Brain-flexing Challenges in Easy-to-use iOS App

Jan 04, 2016, 09:41 ET from What's AppMaker

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobile app development studio What's AppMaker has added to its collection of fun and engaging mobile games with the Colourblind Memory Test Game, a brain-stimulating app that builds color recognition and memory skills, along with some simple mathematics. Developed for all iOS devices, the Colourblind Memory Test Game is fully compatible with the Apple Watch. The watch app features a slight blur to the graphics to add to the degree of difficulty. The Colourblind Memory Test Game is available now on iTunes:

"We design all of our games to be challenging and rewarding," explains Okorafor Ikeagwu, developer at What's AppMaker. "The Colourblind Memory Test Game is just the latest example. The game taps into people's recognition and recall skills, and delivers a sense of reward at its successful conclusion. We hope players will share the game with friends and family around the world, because friendly competition is healthy, too."

The color puzzles and math problems in the Colourblind Memory Test Game offer a way to train the brain to recognize colors more quickly and retain that memory for longer. The game incorporates the familiar tapping and swiping functionality, and users can see where they are within the game with a row of white dots at the bottom of the screen. Like the best mobile games, the Colourblind Memory Test Game can be played anywhere, any time the user has a few extra moments.

The Colourblind Memory Test Game uses the same Ishihara plates that one finds at optometrist offices, with a field of colored dots and a number embedded within. However, the game does not replace a doctor's diagnosis in the case of actual colorblindness.

Ikeagwu and his team encourage users of the Colourblind Memory Test Game to stay tuned to What's AppMaker in the coming months, as exciting new games and apps hit the major app stores. The studio already has a number of games and mobile apps for everyday use expected to launch throughout 2016. Chopping Bunny Loves Numbers is a free game available today for iOS devices. Upcoming free games include Endless Love, Avoid the Canons and Aladdin's Flying Carpet, all of which will be available for both iOS and Android. Among the mobile apps currently available for purchase are Speed Reading Timer and Election Campaign Task Tap, with several more in the pipeline.

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