Comebuy Tengda N9500 is a Perfect Reproduction of Samsung GALAXY S4 I9500

Jun 14, 2013, 16:00 ET from

HONG KONG, June 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Samsung GALAXY S4 I9500 products continue to expand the screen, and using the latest eight-core processor for the first time, they became Samsung's most important product this year. Meanwhile, Tengda N9500 sales on online retailer site Comebuy have ​​also received a lot of attention. The two products hit the market at nearly the same time, and they are almost exactly the same in appearance and performance. Here we witness Chinese manufacturers' ability to mimic once again. Let us look at the differences between these two products.


GALAXY S4 has an eight-core processor, while Tengda N9500 uses the famous four-core processor MTK6589. Comebuy Tengda N9500 ​​supports dual-card-two-standby, a victory over Samsung GALAXY S4 in this regard, but comparing ROM and memory card, ​​Tengda N9500 is slightly inferior. Tengda N9500 can meet the needs of people who like self portraits because its front camera is better than that of the GALAXY S4. However, the rear camera of the GALAXY S4 has reached 13 megapixels, which equals the high-definition digital cameras on the market. We have to marvel at Samsung's technology strength in the area of mobile.


Comebuy Tengda N9500

Samsung GALAXY S4 I9500


MTK6589, Cortex A7 Quad-Core

Samsung Exynos 5410

SIM card


Single card dual mode




Memory Card



Front camera

5 megapixels

2 megapixels

Rear camera

8 megapixels

13 megapixels


166 Euros

535 Euros


Appearances always make the first impression for consumers buying mobile phones. If the phone doesn't look good, even if the configuration of the hardware or function of the software meets high standards, the responses of consumers are negative. The appearance of the Samsung GALAXY S4 has improved a little, but apparently the S4's narrow frame allows a greater proportion of screen compared to the size of the phone. The screen, with 5 inches and 1080P, has an overall greater visual effect. Of course, Samsung also successfully limited the phone weight to within 130 grams. As a lightweight cell phone with cutaway design and curves for a soft visual feel, Comebuy Tengda N9500 ​​and Samsung GALAXY S4 I9500 are almost the same in appearance.