Comfort Insurance Looks at the Issues of Motorhomes Being Left Abroad

Jul 18, 2013, 05:27 ET from Comfort Insurance

DAGENHAM, England, July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Many lucky motorhome owners will be enjoying their holidays and time being spent abroad in their homes on the move. Even though it's great to enjoy as much time away as possible, sometimes holidaymakers will either need to pop back to the UK for family commitments or just fancy staying in a hotel for a couple of nights and will find that they need to leave their motorhome unattended for a certain period of time.

However many motorhome insurance companies will not cover motorhomes left abroad. Comfort Insurance, an award winning motorhome insurance provider, looks at the issues with motorhomes being left abroad.

Anish Devkaran, Comfort Insurance's Internet and Marketing Manager, says "Most motorhome policies will only cover motorhomes left attended abroad for a very short period of time, or even not at all."

The main issue is that motorhomes are a substantial investment and a popular target for thieves as they can have expensive items in the vehicle. Therefore insurers are keen to know that owners are taking sensible precautions when it comes to keeping their vehicles secure, which as well as keeping it in secure storage includes mechanical options such as tracking devices, cat clamps, wheel clamps, steering wheel and gear locks and an alarm.

Understandably it can be difficult if there's an emergency and owners will need to head off quickly and leave their motorhome unattended for a certain period of time. Thinking about their insurance policy isn't necessarily what owners will take into account, or those who are new to motorhomes may assume that they are already covered. However, some motorhome insurance companies can actually be reasonable.  

Comfort Insurance's policy states that it doesn't cover motorhomes left abroad for over 36 hours, however owners only need to give them a call to check as requests can be dealt with on a case by case basis. Anish says, "Comfort Insurance's policy can be flexible when it comes to leaving motorhomes abroad as we deal with each individual's request. If a customer lets us know that their vehicle is in a secure storage then it is possible to get it insured for a defined period."

If owners are considering leaving their motorhomes unattended, it is important to check that your pride and joy is covered or if it can be arranged by your insurance provider.  

Comfort Insurance is a family run and an award winning specialist motorhome insurance provider who has been in the industry for over 20 years.

Anish Devkaran
Internet and Marketing Manager

SOURCE Comfort Insurance