Comfort Insurance Looks at the Issues with Motorhome Storage

Jan 29, 2013, 04:57 ET from Comfort Insurance

DAGENHAM, England, January 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Most motorhome owners will often only think about motorhome insurance over the spring or summertime when it comes to taking their first trip of the year. Comfort Insurance, a leading motorhome insurance provider has seen an increased number of motorhome thefts or attempted thefts over the last few months.

Ben Cue, Strategical Development Manager, says, "As the winter weather is upon us and most of the country is experiencing snow and ice, owners are understandably keeping their vehicles in storage, which can be seen as an opportunity for thieves."

Motorhome or campervan storage can often be an issue over the winter months. For properties that have driveways, property deeds may state that larger motorhomes may not actually be able to use them. For those with smaller campervans, its recommended owners check with their local authority first, as it's often the case that there may be some legislation in place as some people consider them unsightly. Another problem with storing the vehicle on a driveway is that the motorhome may be at risk from the weather!

If owners are lucky enough to have their own private garage that fits their vehicle, motorhome insurance companies will often want to know the security is up to spec. Ben says, "Motorhomes are expensive so companies want to know that owners are doing their utmost to prevent theft, most companies will require a wheel clamp and hitch lock as a minimum requirement but it's always best to seek advice if you are not sure."

Another option for those who don't have space is renting covered local storage. It's best to check what security devices the storage has, for example an on-site security guard and CCTV coverage and to speak with the insurer beforehand, as it can be very costly, especially if this type of storage is not covered by the insurer.

Comfort Insurance is an award winning motorhome insurance provider and has been specialising in this industry for over 15 years.

Ben Cue
Strategic Development Manager

SOURCE Comfort Insurance