Comfort Insurance Looks at the Motorhome Season Coming up

Feb 20, 2013, 07:19 ET from Comfort Insurance

DAGENHAM, England, February 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

As the sun starts to make an appearance across the UK, many motorhome owners will be thinking about their next trip on the road. Making sure that everything is in working order at the beginning of the new motorhome season ensures that there are no mishaps on the journey. Comfort Insurance, a leading motorhome insurance company, looks at a few of the most important things owners should check before hitting the road.

Anish Devkaran, Comfort Insurance's Internet and Marketing Manager, says, "It is surprising how our customers often arrive to their holiday destination to find things that were working perfectly fine last year, seem to be damaged for no apparent reason."

Anish recommends that the first thing to start off with is flushing out the water system and sterilising the tank. He says, "It's best to get the dirty work out the way first as even though motorhome owners will drain the water tanks, residue that's left in them can be a breeding ground for bacteria - this is why it's important to treat and sterilise the tank, even if it looks ok."

He also states the importance of checking the seals around the windows and doors of the motorhome. Anish says, "It is always best to check for broken seals before leaving for your motorhome trip as you don't want to be on holiday or at a festival when the rain starts pouring in! The easiest way to do this is to use a garden hose on the motorhome and keep an eye out for leaks."

Motorhome owners should double check their tyres as the pressure will have gone down over the winter season. Anish says, "Regardless of how they look, it's important to double check the tyre pressure, low tread depth or anything odd like nails stuck in the rubber before heading off, to avoid any accidents. Owners should check their motorhome manufacturer's guide for recommendations on when to replace the tyres."

For most motorhome owners an important thing that's not usually forgotten about but is also worth mentioning, is giving the motorhome a good spring clean to firstly remove any residue dirt that can build up and have a long-lasting negative effect, secondly it can make the overall feel of the motorhome feel fresh and almost new.

Comfort Insurance is an award winning motorhome insurance provider that has been specialising in the industry for over 15 years.


Anish Devkaran
Internet and Marketing Manager

SOURCE Comfort Insurance