™ Announces the Launch of its Logistics Matching Technology in North America

Dec 18, 2012, 10:15 ET from

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --™ ( has identified several inefficiencies in the current business model for freight consolidation and freight matching throughout North America.  Some of these inefficiencies include shortages in capacity, decreases in the carrier workforce, rising fuel prices and increasing LTL costs. As a solution to these inefficiencies,™ is the first to have established a cloud-based technology that is able to instantly match available assets to available freight - thus maximizing the usage of carrier capacity while simultaneously decreasing the transportation costs for shippers.™ is not just a load-board; it is an innovative solution, which enables carriers to pool freight without the need to utilize physical terminals or warehouses.  The proper allocation of resources in the logistics industry is the key focus of™'s integrated matching platform.™ currently receives 3,000 to 4,000 active, new and unique load posts per day servicing coverage areas located throughout the United States and Canada.  This offers carriers and brokers an exclusive opportunity to identify and build full truckloads from partial and LTL shipments based on user-defined regions at the best prices possible.  To date,™ has proudly facilitated over 200,000 unique load posts through using its innovative technology platform and this activity continues to grow and positively impact the logistics community on a daily basis.

Stephen Kochan, CEO and Co-Founder, states that "…[A]s a passionate and experienced logistics professional, I am pleased that we can offer™ as an affordable and resourceful means to connect businesses with one another throughout North America in these times of financial uncertainty.  I am most excited that we are able to contribute back to our economy by establishing our Company with dual headquarters in both Los Angeles & San Francisco.  This in turn is acting as a means to bridge these major port cities with growing businesses located throughout North America which will stimulate and expand their commerce via our increasing network of trusted carriers".

Salvatore ("Sal") Lento, CFO and Co-Founder, states that "…[I]n these current economic times of unstable and rising fuel costs, we are very pleased and excited to offer™ as a solution that is strategically aimed at improving the profit margins for our user base.  As our vision continues to resonate with, and receive feedback from the logistics community, we look very much forward to improving upon and offering additional services to serve these ever-changing needs".      

About™™ is a subscription-based service established in early 2012 with headquarters in Los Angeles & San Francisco, California.™'s technology is designed specifically for the transportation industry with a mission to make the logistics and freight consolidation process less costly and more time efficient through modernization of the supply chain. The™ team pioneered its application as a platform for companies in the logistics and shipping world to help minimize their annual transportation spend, to identify new business and networking opportunities and to maximize each cubic foot of available trailer space.™ firmly believes that sustainability in the supply chain is one of the most pressing issues facing our economy today.  Its technology will assist in maintaining growth and identifying new business opportunities for all logistics professionals and organizations - both large and small - facilitating the development of local and cross-country commerce altogether.

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