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Jul 20, 2016, 05:00 ET from Commodity Inside Ltd

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The global metal packaging industry has shown some signs of revivals as aluminium premium and tinplate prices have softened, though the market has still not been fully out of doldrums. Matured metal packaging markets exhibited stable growths at low levels, while emerging markets benefited from swift shifts towards the high-growth plateau. However, some of these high growth markets remained more fragmented in terms of the competitive landscape which rendered producers less control on margins. For instance, almost all multinationals cans manufacturers in China are currently struggling to make profits due to numerous reasons including overcapacity and a peculiar cost-profit relationship in the market.

However, the overcapacity problem does not only exist in China but also in more matured markets such as North America. Commodity Inside understands that food and beverage cans are standardised products, and producers gain very little command over product differentiations in the mass containers market. In the backdrop of fierce competition, light metal packaging manufacturers have been making some advances to improve their margins through market consolidations, conversion of beverage cans production lines from tinplate to aluminium, new speciality cans, slim and sleek designs etc.

Meanwhile, substrate suppliers passing through more turbulent market conditions due to high inflow of Chinese materials, volatility in raw materials prices (e.g iron ore and metallurgical coal) etc. In the past, metal packaging manufacturers were buying substrates on a regional basis as well under long-term contracts. However, due to overcapacity in China and falling metal prices, some leading regional metal packaging manufacturers now outsource from China, and on a comparatively short-term basis. This has exacerbated the market conditions, particularly in tinplate market. A number of tinplate plants closed over the past few years whilst few are on the verge of closures.

Drilling down further, food sector will continue to remain a major end-use sector for light metal packaging. However, demand for metals in volume terms are set to curb due to a number of reasons including falling containers' weight. Looking at the downside risks for metal packaging in the food sector, Bisphenol A (BPA) will create serious headwinds in spite of whether BPA would in reality harm consumers health or not. In the medium-to-heavy metal packaging market, steel drums and gas cylinders will continue to be the main drivers, though plastic drums will continue cannibalising the steel drums market.


This report is a valuable resource necessary for understanding the current global metal packaging market and its future direction. Commodity Inside has analysed the metal packaging market from very robust and detailed perspectives, and used both top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top approaches for assessing the market and its dynamics. The report addresses the following key issues:

  • How metal packaging market will perform over the next ten years?
  • What are the major trends in the whole metal packaging supply chain and how they will evolve during the next ten years?
  • How metal packaging defending its market position against alternative packaging?
  • Will consolidation help to control the escalating costs and eroding prices?
  • What major trends, challenges and developments will emerge over the next ten years?
  • Slim and sleek design and speciality cans are getting popular. What is underpinning the drive?
  • Where are the ideal growth markets: matured markets or emerging markets?
  • Which end-use sectors will be driving demand for metal packaging and what will be the major driving forces in each sector?
  • Which regions/countries are the high growth markets and what they will be offering to domestic and multinationals?
  • Will oversupply continue to be an issue in the metal packaging market?
  • How substrates suppliers are responding to the changing market fundamentals?
  • The changing paradigm of metal packaging in food and beverage sectors.
  • Understand the market dynamics and forces which drive and restrain the metal packaging market and will shape the future direction of the market.
  • Current and future strategies of metal packaging producers.
  • Discussions on the present and future performance of the matured and developing countries.

The Global Metal Packaging Market out to 2026 covers the following:

  • A full coverage of the global metal packaging market in both volume and value terms
  • Detailed profiles of 50 nationals markets showing various statistics such as demand for metal packaging, per capita metal packaging consumption, macroeconomic indicators, etc
  • Analysis of 7 end-use sectors by region: Beverage, Food, Healthcare, Homecare, Personal care, bulk/industrial and Others
  • Analysis of 4 raw materials: Tinplate, aluminium, aluminium foil and carbon & alloy steel
  • Light metal packaging
  • Medium & heavy metal packaging
  • 184 tables and charts
  • List of metal packaging producers
  • List of substrates producers
  • A matrix tracking 26 market trends by each region
  • All supportive data are available in Excel

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