Common Symptoms of Menopause and How to Fight Them

Mar 19, 2014, 09:00 ET from AntiAging Institute of California

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., March 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Menopause is a natural change that occurs as the ovaries stop producing hormones and releasing eggs. For most women, it is a gradual process that can occur over several years and can take up to a decade in some cases. Although the process is natural, it can still bring numerous symptoms as hormones fluctuate and drop. Each hormone in the human body works with other hormones to maintain balance, so when the levels of estrogen and progesterone begin to drop, other hormones may also become imbalanced. Women may experience menopause muscle mass loss, and headaches menopause are common. Hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings are among the best-known and most commonly suffered symptoms, but Dr. Shoreh Ershadi of the AntiAging Institute has identified 45 different symptoms of menopause. Taking control of these symptoms can help women live healthier, more active lives during menopause and beyond. 

While some symptoms of menopause are mild and self-limiting, others can affect a woman's self-confidence profoundly. Menopause hair loss, brittle nails and thinning skin are among these. Others, such as menopause painful intercourse, can affect her relationships with others and her self-confidence. 

These symptoms can be managed through the right combination of lifestyle adjustments and dietary supplements. Evaluating lifestyle habits is critical. Diet can be a major trigger for many symptoms. Salty foods, processed foods, spicy foods, alcohol and caffeinated beverages can all trigger or worsen many symptoms, including hot flashes, bloating and blood sugar swings. A balanced diet combined with regular exercise can offer significant relief from menopause symptoms. Good sleeping habits are also critical and can provide women with natural stress relief and more energy. Natural supplements can also be helpful. The right supplement can be used to keep hormone levels balanced and healthy, which dramatically reduces symptoms and helps women stay active, healthy and strong. DON'T PAUSE is a great option that can help ease menopause symptoms so that women can continue enjoying healthy lives.

The AntiAging Institute of California offers numerous supplements and natural products to help combat age-related health issues and help men and women enjoy healthier lifestyles. DON'T PAUSE is one of these products and is a special proprietary herbal blend that restores hormonal balance and addresses the root cause of menopause symptoms.


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