Community Advocate Voices Debate Over West Hollywood Expansion Over Public Safety

93% of West Hollywood Residents Do Not Support 4 Stories Or Higher

Dec 06, 2010, 06:00 ET from Jerome Cleary

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Dec. 6, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- A 2008 General Plan telephone survey revealed that there was great opposition by residents to high rises and mega developments.  Questions continue to loom as 14 approved projects continue to stack the deck on the future feasibility of emergency vehicle access to the city's needs.

If the City of West Hollywood didn't know it before, the city was certainly made aware of great opposition since it was also one of the reasons the city was incorporated in 1984 -- to stop any more high-rise construction.  The recent telephone survey showed residents adamant about nothing more than 3 story buildings.

Now 26 years later in to city hood the infrastructure to support this increased density is weakening and contributes to the public's concern on public safety issues.

Where most cities across the US and in California are in the red, West Hollywood continues its healthy general fund of a $60 million reserve.  With this news is also an unheard of $85 million dollar library to open in the fall of 2011.

Local community advocate and 25 year resident, Jerome Cleary spent time last week getting the planning department to update a comprehensive list of all approved projects and what he found was a laundry list of mega projects green lighted.  "If our community can really see the updated list for what it is then our fate is being sealed in the future for police, fire and medical help in an emergency."

Below is the list as of 2007 to the present of the 14 approved projects and three that are under review:

-11 stories Sunset Doheny Hotel, approved in 2010 

-6 stories Monarch-Santa Monica, approved 2010

-5 stories Greenwich Place, approved in 2007 

-5 stories 8305 Sunset, approved in 2008

-8 stories Sunset La Cienega, approved in 2010

-6 stories Palm project, 5 stories approved in 2008

-12 stories James Hotel, 6 stories above Sunset. Originally approved in 1999 and modified in 2005

-Two (10 story towers) Sunset Millennium and also approved in 1999 and modified in 2005, Two (9 story towers)

-10 stories Movietown Plaza, two 10 story approved in 2010-Then also 2 buildings along Santa Monica Boulevard start at 5 stories then step up to 6.

-6 stories Formosa Lot -9 stories and 6 stories-Maximum heights of 84 feet allowed approved in 2007. The project was approved with these height limits; the actual final building plans have not come in for review or approval. 

-7 stories Sunset Time-House of Blues, approved in 2010 

- (In construction now) 11 stories, the Red Building, (6 levels of parking with a 5 stories and 8-story tower on top) The red office building is 400,000 square feet with approximately 1450 new parking spaces.  No completion date yet. This is the Pacific Design Center's final third building phase to complement the Blue and Green building. The red building has two towers on top of the garage.  One tower is 5 stories and one tower is 8 stories.  There is a gap between the towers so it will not be one large mass like the blue or green buildings.

-(In construction now) 6 stories New Library Garage, 3 (tall) levels with a 5 level parking garage located next to the Library.  There are only three stories of actual library space.

-5 story affordable housing project on Fairfax, approved 2010

-6 stories 8801 Sunset, 5 stories still under review

-5 stories Melrose Triangle, 6 stories - still under review

-8 stories Sunset La Cienega-8 stories that back into the hillside-not yet approved by Council.  This project is sometimes called the "Karma" project.

-6 stories Formosa-Faith Plating   application withdrawn - not approved.

Residents, visitors and business owners needing more information can contact city hall at 323 848-6460 or at 8300 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069

CONTACT:  Jerome Cleary, 310-726-4444,

SOURCE Jerome Cleary