Compass Internet Introduces 'Open Subscription Plan'

-- New subscription allows pausing, cancelling at any time, requires no lengthy term, eliminates significant down payments and generates customer-initiated contacts within two weeks of subscribing.

Oct 20, 2010, 05:03 ET from Compass Internet Systems

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- In July of 2009, Compass Internet Systems (Compass) introduced their Compass PROLeadS® subscription—a totally branded and exclusive real estate system that has one of the highest success rates at converting visitors into contacts ever. Totally built and managed by Compass for the client, almost a thousand of these sites were subscribed to in the first year of their existence.

"We were totally blown away by the success our clients experienced with this product, once we got past the starting glitches," Sean Hogan, Compass President and COO stated. "We are converting about 16% of website visitors into registrations and inquiries for our clients system-wide." Hogan continued," and considering that an ordinary website is considered very successful when even 1% of visitors convert to inquiries, we are very proud that our rate is averaging 16X that standard!"

Recently, Compass realized that the market conditions were demanding a re-thinking of their subscription method: "People just didn't want to commit to a 12-month non-cancellable subscription anymore," Hogan reports, "and they didn't want to be making four figure down payments, either. We realized we had to adjust to what agents and brokers want today, and we needed to lower the barriers to entry to this system and make it more in synch with the economy."

Accordingly, Compass announced that the Open Subscription Plan would be offered through year end, at minimum. The plan requires only a $350 down payment and clients are billed $39 for each validated inquiry they receive. The account can be paused once 10 such inquiries are received without penalty; all that is required to keep the account on stand-by is a $60 a month maintenance fee. Conversely, the client can specify how many inquiries more than 10 they wish to receive monthly and Compass will adjust to meet that need. The client may cancel at any time without penalty.

"The Open Subscription Plan makes PROLeadS® available to anyone," Hogan continued. "The plan enables an agent, Mortgage Banker or broker to generate as little or a much activity as they can properly handle—logistically and by budget. We think it's the right time to make succeeding online easier, and we also feel that allowing clients to try the system before deciding to make a long term commitment is a great boon in this marketplace."

All existing payment options remain in place, the company confirmed. The company also confirmed that it will provide a new booklet describing the Open Subscription Plan to any agent, Mortgage Banker or broker upon request. Just write to get your copy.

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