Completion of Phase I of Wholesale-dress's Overseas Warehouse Shortens Lead Time to 3-5 Days in 5 Countries

Jan 30, 2013, 09:05 ET from

HANGZHOU, China, Jan. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Wholesale-dress E-commerce Limited Inc.'s ("") overseas warehouse in Indonesia officially went into service on Jan 4th, 2013. Five overseas warehouses have been built by so far, which has completed the first phase of its plan of overseas warehouse building, aimed at forming a highly efficient logistics system to guarantee that customers worldwide can receive goods within 3 days. saw an increase in growth from 2011 to 2012. With the surge of orders, the problems of delivery time and transferring of funds were prolonged, which affected customer experience severely. Therefore, no effort was spared to hasten the building of overseas warehouses so as to solve this series of problems and improve the quality of customer experience. Currently, the first phase of overseas warehouse construction has been completed, including facilities in the USA, Japan, German, Saudi Arabia (Dubai) and Indonesia.

The overseas warehouses were set up in the USA and Japan in October of 2011 and June of 2012, respectively. The function of the overseas warehouses is to improve the quality of customer experience through shipping and returning to international customers. When customers want to buy items from an overseas warehouse, they simply log into, then to click the corresponding Overseas Warehouse from the warehouse's drop-down list in the navigation bar. After that, customers can place their order according to the prompts. The process of returning goods is just as simple: First, customers make contact with the after-sale department, then they determine which overseas warehouse the item needs to be returned to. After that, the customer sends the item to the corresponding overseas warehouse. Next, the staff at the warehouse confirm that the goods were returned, and the client is issued their refund or credit.

At present, already owns three overseas stock points -USA, Japan and Indonesia- and maintains two cooperative overseas warehouses in Dubai and Germany. Meanwhile, the second phase of overseas warehouse building is under way with new overseas warehouses scheduled go on-line successively in other countries worldwide.

The speed of shipment of orders was accelerated tremendously, and the good preparation period has been shortened to within two days. In the meantime, order lead time was reduced to 3 to 7 days, which enhanced the quality of customer experience. What's more, building overseas warehouses has also lower the shipping costs and given customers more free shipping options. In addition, the issues of customer clearance and tariffs are more easily handled. The burden on customers was reduced at the same time. The decrease in the period of returns and refunds has also improved the quality of customer service and increased the purchasing frequency of customers.

As for cross-border transactions, the building of overseas warehouses greatly enhances buyers' experiences, whose effect is not only in the increase in the speed of delivery of goods, but also that of a good returns process.

On top of the overseas warehouse building, is committed to improving the system of demand and supply constantly. It also provides solutions for storage and inventory and shares the stock condition of the entire supply chain, which Includes calculating the inventory level, arranging manufacturing rationally to realize efficient distribution and enhancing the operating efficiency of the whole supply chain for better service to customers. is a large online fashion clothing wholesaler based in China with a wide range of fashionable clothing consisting of over 450,000 styles for ladies, gentlemen and kids, such as- t-shirts, party dresses, jackets and coats, wedding dresses, bags and accessories. has 22 domestic and 4 overseas branch offices. It is one of the most reliable fashion wholesalers and wants to establish long-term and concrete relationships with our customers.

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