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In 2011, Sapphire Will Exceed 50% of the CS Processed Surface

Silicon largely dominates the semiconductor business as the reference material. However, specific applications such as optoelectronics, RF or power electronics require material properties that cannot be offered by silicon. GaAs, GaN, GaP, GaAs, InP, SiC and Sapphire substrates now account for 1.1% of the 7,504 million square inches annually processed in semiconductor foundries. However, that small portion of processed area is compensated by a higher merchant price leading to a $880M raw substrate market size in 2009 and reaching the billion dollar threshold in 2010. Up to now, GaAs was the leading material in volume thanks to the wireless technology and red / orange / yellow LED demand, but sapphire will take the lead from 2011 driven by the booming business in white LED for LCD backlight and general illumination.

These materials have been protected from silicon competition because they allow device performance not reachable by THE semiconductor material (Frequency, power, thermal conductivity, robustness, junction temperature, voltage breakdown...). Even though compound materials have market prices dramatically higher than Si, Technical Specs have been, and will remain, the main driver for the adoption of these CS substrates and related technologies. All the considered materials are now available in a 4 inch format except bulk GaN that has just been released in 3 inch in Japan. This diameter expansion helps to lower the manufacturing cost of CS-based devices and to mass market affordable products. This new report offers a unique panorama of the compound semiconductor substrate business in a single package. It highlights the main metrics and the key market trends that will help material and equipment vendors to position their R&D efforts and anticipate the changes and forecasted evolution of their business.

For each material (GaAs, GaP, GaN, SiC, InP and Sapphire), the report describes:

    - The main targeted devices and related market size
    - List and market shares of the main material suppliers (merchant
      and captive) with product description
    - List and ranking of the main material users with final products
    - Substrate market value and volume ($, units,, split by
      diameter and electrical specs (Semi-conductive, semi-insulating) in
      the 2008-2013 time frame
    - Overview of current developments and new innovations
    - Projection of the CS materials market in 2013 and beyond.


    - Compound Semiconductor substrates segmentation & usage
    - Annual consumption of CS materials in surface area (Million
      Inchsquared). 2008-2013
    - CS materials bulk substrate market size in $M. 2008-2013
    - Evolution of CS materials consumption over silicon
    - Relative evolution of processed surface for various CS materials.
      2008 & 2013
    - What can create disruptions in the next 5 years?
    - CS substrate business risk analysis: Today status and possible
    - 2009 bulk CS wafers average market price GaAs substrate market

    GaAs substrate market

    - Introduction
    - Key GaAs Players Revenue Trends 05-09
    - Main targeted applications of GaAs-based devices
    - Key advantages of GaAs-based devices
    - GaAs value-chain and position of key players
    - Growth methods of GaAs substrates
    - GaAs substrate main vendors growth technique and products
    - S.I. GaAs Applications, frequency range and devices:
    - SI GaAs content in cell phones: 3G iPhone
    - SI GaAs $ content in cell phones
    - GaAs $ content in wireless LAN
    - 2009 GaAs RFIC market breakdown by application at device level
    - PA Shipment volume 2008-2013 forecasts
    - SI GaAs Technology Risk
    - SI GaAs Emerging Applications: Smart Grid
    - 2008-2013 SI GaAs substrates annual consumption, split by
    - 2009 GaAs RF epiwafer vendors market share
    - 2009 RF device maker market shares
    - 2009 TOP-10 GaAs RF device maker revenues
    - GaAs RF device maker recent consolidation activity 2009 GaAs RF

    Market Share

    - SC GaAs: LED applications
    - SC GaAs: Laser Diode Applications
    - SC GaAs applications: solar CPV
    - SC GaAs substrates 2009 market breakdown by application in Msi
    - 2009 estimation of SI + SC GaAs bulk substrate vendors market
    - 2008-2013 SI + SC GaAs substrates consumption in million
    - 2008-2013 GaAs substrates SI + SC market size in $M
    - Conclusions

    GaP substrate market

    - GaP: applications for LED
    - GaP substrates 2009 market breakdown in Msi
    - GaP wafer market volume in units, split by diameter to 2013
    - GaP wafer market size in M$, split by diameter to 2013

    Sapphire Substrate Market

    - Introduction
    - Manufacturing Cost Breakdown
    - Map of Sapphire Supplier Locations
    - 2009 Sapphire vendor revenues

    Breakdown by region

    - Sapphire for LED
    - Diameter Trends
    - Sapphire Wafer Diameter Roadmap
    - Time to market
    - Sapphire for Nitride LEDs
    - LED Market Generalities
    - Market segmentation
    - LED Regional Production Capacity as of early 2009 in LED chip
    - Sapphire Substrates for LED Market Price Projection

    Split by diameter

    - 2005-2013 Sapphire Substrates Market for LED In volume, by
      diameter & related market size
    - 2005-2013 Sapphire Substrates Market for LED In value, split by
    - Sapphire Substrate Consumption for LED.
    - Regional usage breakdown 2008 and 2009
    - Conclusions


    - Antenna Switch Module (ASM) Market
    - Comparison of Cell-phone Antenna Switching Module (ASM)
    - Si CMOS vs. SoS UltraCMOS(R) Architecture Comparison
    - RF Switch Technology Market Breakdown 2005-2013
    - SoS Sapphire Substrate ASP 2005-2013
    - Sapphire Substrates for SoS Applications. Market size and volume
    - 2009 r-plane Sapphire Wafer Orders Estimate

    Split by company

    - Conclusions

    SiC Substrate Market

    - State-of-the-art in SiC Crystal Growth
    - SiC Material: From polytype to devices
    - Main SiC Material Manufacturing Site Locations. Bulk and/or
    - Material Polytypes, Doping & Orientation Commercially Available
    - SiC Substrate Vendor Revenues & Related Market Shares. 2006,
      2007, 2008 & 2009
    - Wafer Diameter Evolution in Production for Power Electronics
    - Wafer Diameter Evolution in Production for GaN/SiC LED 2005-2019
    - Wafer Diameter Evolution in Production for GaN/SiC RF devices
    - 2005-2019 SiC Raw Substrate Price Evolution Split by type (S.I. /
      n-type) and diameter (2", 3", 4" and 6")
    - Market Projection for SiC Substrates in Various Applications
    - Market Volume Projection of SiC Wafers for power electronics
      split by diameter 2008-2019
    - Conclusions

    Bulk and free-standing GaN substrate market

    - Targeted applications
    - Roadmap to 2015: Sensitivity to dislocation density in active
      layer for various nitride devices
    - Bulk or Free-Standing GaN Substrates mass-market introduction in
      various applications
    - Market Boosters / Market Killers
    - 2 Options for Blue Laser Substrates: Free-standing vs. ELO GaN
    - Specifications: 2009 production status
    - Specifications: R&D status
    - 2" FS & ELO GaN Substrates 2007-2015 market price
    - Non-polar & Semi-polar GaN main interests
    - Non-polar & Semi-polar GaN Substrates R&D status
    - Non or Semi-polar GaN Substrate Size Tentative roadmap to 2020
    - Estimated monthly production capacity
    - Overall FS & ELO GaN Market Volume in Various Applications to
    - Overall FS & ELO GaN Market Size in Various Applications to 2013
    - Conclusion

    InP substrate market

    - Introduction
    - Main targeted applications of InP-based devices
    - InP crystal growth flow chart
    - InP material value-chain & ASP in 2007
    - Application overview
    - Main data of the InP device manufacturing process and ASP

    Optical Devices

    - InP-based Optical Applications
    - InP optical devices main players along the value chain
    - Where InP-based devices can be found in a FO network?
    - InP telecom lasers: optical fiber network structure
    - InP telecom lasers: Metro and Access FO Networks
    - State of the art of current network levels
    - Challenges for InP devices in the telecom market
    - Electron Devices
    - InP electronic devices main players along the value chain
    - InP HEMT and HBT technology
    - High Speed InP IC applications
    - 2005-2012 InP-based devices market size
    - Main InP material vendors
    - 2009 revenues and product breakdown
    - 2009 InP material vendors market shares
    - Usage of InP wafers and Substrates diameter breakdown
    - 2008-2013 InP wafer market volume (Merchant & captive) split by
    - 2008-2013 InP wafer market size (Merchant & captive) split by
    - Conclusion

    General conclusion and perspectives

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