comScore Subscriber Analytix Offers New Capabilities to Help Mobile Operators Improve Customer Care and Marketing Strategies

comScore Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Contract from Tier 1 Operator to Deliver In-depth Views of Subscriber Voice and Data Quality of Services (QoS)

Apr 02, 2013, 12:17 ET from comScore, Inc.

RESTON, Va., April 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced significant enhancements to its Subscriber Analytix suite for mobile operators worldwide. These first-of-their-kind capabilities allow mobile operators to leverage their own data in conjunction with the power of comScore's proprietary digital media categorization and segmentation schemes to power unique timely insights for customer care and marketing representatives. Mobile operators will be able to use information on how their customers engage with web services, content, apps, and devices to quickly diagnose customer care issues while developing effective marketing strategies that meet subscriber needs.


"In an era of lightning-fast communication, the capabilities of Subscriber Analytix can allow mobile operators to unlock the full potential of their customers' big data in seconds, not hours or days," said Brian Jurutka, SVP of Global Telecom Solutions at comScore. "Users of Subscriber Analytix will have the ability to explore their subscriber data by taking advantage of existing dashboards or intuitively dragging and dropping their way to any required data view. Our intelligence platform delivers insights at scale that can help mobile operators reduce costs and improve their up-sell opportunities."

Subscriber Analytix Improves ROI for Mobile Operator Customers By enriching mobile operator data streams with comScore's proprietary digital categorization and segmentation, Subscriber Analytix enables mobile operators to maximize the value of their Care and Marketing assets. Through more than 50 established reports, and now through the proprietary Dashboard Builder, individual users can develop ad hoc reporting within each solution. These capabilities provide mobile operators with distinct opportunities for data monetization and improved ROI, including the following:

  • Immediate Root Cause Analyses of Voice, Data and SMS Quality of Service Issues - The subscriber experience is vastly improved when frontline Care specialists can provide immediate insights and educated diagnoses of any Care issue including device and profile updates, or even overbilling from excessive app usage. 
  • Reduction in Unnecessary Device Returns - Mobile operators can dramatically reduce the need for unnecessary device returns with ready identification of subscriber device, profile or network performance issues.
  • Enabling Intelligent Re-sizing of Data Plans and Pricing - The ability to resize data allotments and pricing is now simplified with subscriber behavior and data usage information segmented to address these critical marketing questions.
  • Identification of Rising Star Apps or Partnership Candidates - New revenue streams for services or partnership opportunities are now distinguishable across segments of subscribers, which can be monetized ahead of trends to offer valuable additional sales channels for mobile operators. 

comScore Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Customer Deal for Subscriber Analytix Care The newly redesigned comScore Subscriber Analytix Care solution represents the cutting-edge in subscriber insight and celebrates a Q1 customer win with a Tier 1 U.S. Operator. Subscriber Analytix Care addresses primary operational tasks that include better management of billing inquiries from subscribers, improve account management, increase efficiencies in the overall Care process and ultimately achieve higher customer satisfaction and improved subscriber experience. The full deployment for Subscriber Analytix Care at this operator is expected to save the client at least an estimated 3 percent in total operational Care costs.  

About Subscriber Analytix Solutions comScore Subscriber Analytix  Care provides user-friendly insights that empower frontline care specialists from mobile operators to make fast and intelligent quality of service (QoS) decisions that improve the subscriber experience with data, voice and devices.

comScore Subscriber Analytix  Marketing provides insights into subscriber digital preferences and behaviors, enabling mobile operators to effectively drive demand for offerings and products.  

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