Concord Coalition Issue Brief: Ryan's Budget Dilemma

Mar 14, 2011, 18:03 ET from The Concord Coalition

WASHINGTON, March 14, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Concord Coalition today released a new Issue Brief examining the difficulty Paul Ryan and the House Budget Committee will have writing a budget resolution that shows improvement in the deficit while also sticking to the Republican Party's position that the deficit is strictly a spending problem, and one that can be attacked primarily by focusing on non-defense discretionary spending.

In the Issue Brief we examine a couple of hypothetical budget scenarios that illustrate how difficult it is to substantially reduce the deficit using a narrow set of policy options. Unless the options are expanded, it is difficult to see how the Republicans can produce better deficit results than the Obama administration's proposals.

The full Issue Brief can be found here:

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The Concord Coalition is a non-partisan, grassroots advocate of fiscal responsibility. Former U.S. Senators Warren B. Rudman (R-NH) and Bob Kerrey (D-NE) serve as its co-chairs and former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Peter G. Peterson serves as president. For more information, see

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