Conco's Unique TruFit™ Technology: Sets Industry Standard for Achieving Condenser Cleanliness

Apr 07, 2014, 14:32 ET from Conco Systems, Inc.

VERONA, Pa., April 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Conco's TruFit technology spreads like wildfire!  Just what is Conco TruFit technology?  Conco TruFit technology promises that the tube cleaner selected will fit the industry specification of your tube.  Unlike competing technologies that claim to fit multiple sized tubes, Conco's TruFit cleaners are manufactured with the highest quality standards to guarantee a perfect fit.  "Other tube cleaners are made with low quality material and only fit a small range of tube sizes," says George Saxon, Jr., President of International Markets at Conco Systems, Inc.  "The benefit of having a tube cleaner that fits perfectly into your condenser tubes is seen in the result."  Unfortunately, tube cleaners that do not adequately fit the tube either leave behind fouling residue, potentially damage tubes, or become stuck restricting flow.

The TruFit design unique to Conco combines a variety of different features that make the level of cleanliness achieved by Conco tube cleaners the standard of the industry.  The fouling specific architecture, spring-loaded blades, and smooth rounded edges of the TruFitmodel work together to guarantee that Conco Systems has the right tube cleaner for your condenser maintenance needs.  The radial design of the blades allows the cleaners to glide effortlessly through the tubes breaking through tough deposits and fouling, leaving the tube as good as new.  Tube cleaners that have sharp, adjustable blades may not only break through the deposit in the tube, but may also damage the tube itself if the wrong sized cleaner is used.

TruFit technology is available in all of Conco's tube cleaners.  Whether you need to rid your tubes of a soft deposit like mud or a hard, more difficult to remove deposit, like Calcium build-up, Conco has a TruFit tube cleaner that will work for your job.

Founded in 1923, Conco is the world's leading provider of condenser and heat exchanger services with offices located in the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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