Congress Makes Key Vote for Marriage Education

Dec 01, 2010, 20:53 ET from National Association for Relationship and Marriage Education (NARME)

HOUSTON, Dec. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- When President Obama signs H.R. 4783 that passed the House yesterday by a vote of 256-152, this will provide an opportunity for a sixth critical year of funding for Healthy Marriage Education and Responsible Fatherhood programs.  

Included as part of Federal TANF funding (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), proponents of Relationship and Marriage Education say these are cost-effective programs that help healthy families stay together which reduces the poverty that can result from divorce and family breakdown.  Taxpayers benefit from lowering the drain on TANF funding.  

"This bipartisan bill confirms that Congress understands marriage still matters in America," said Julie Baumgardner, Board Chair of the National Association for Relationship and Marriage Education (NARME).  "The benefits of marriage have been exhaustively researched and the verdict is conclusive.  Healthy marriage has a positive impact on men, women, and children in every leading social indicator.  Married people are happier, healthier, wealthier, better educated, and have better sex lives.  Healthy marriages are good for economic development and reduce crime.  Children in married households are less likely to be poor, suffer abuse, experience depression or be involved in risky behaviors, and are more likely to do well in school."

Due in large part to a growing national marriage education movement, there have never been more resources available to help couples from all walks of life learn how to have a happy, healthy marriage.  This bill will expand marriage education programs to equip and empower individuals with the relationship development skills and tools necessary to form healthy relationships, build strong marriages and maintain safe and stable families for the well-being of children, adults and communities.

The mission of the National Association for Relationship and Marriage Education (NARME) is to foster education for healthy marriages, responsible fatherhood, and strong families in America.  Its membership consists of hundreds of Relationship and Marriage Education organizations and practitioners around the country.  For more information about NARME or to become a member, visit

SOURCE National Association for Relationship and Marriage Education (NARME)