Connected Car Guide - Government edition

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Connected Car Guide - Government edition

The ultimate guide to leveraging government legislation to your advantage As in-car telematics and navigation continue to move into the mainstream, vehicle manufacturers and their partners are increasingly encountering government legislation and licensing requirements. With policies and licensing guidelines varying across countries, a single authoritative source of information could help avoid legislative pitfalls and maximise your success. SBD's latest report identifies the threats and opportunities generated by government mandates and licensing requirements in razil, China, Europe, India, Russia and the USA. This interactive guide focuses on legislation that is active in each country and how it is affecting vehicle manufacturers, tier-one suppliers, telecoms operators and telematics service providers. The unique format allows users to switch rapidly between types of legislation, region, overviews and updates on the latest news on mandates that will require action from the automotive industry. Quick and convenient access to important legislation texts guarantee that you have unrivalled insight into government regulations.

This 170-page guide to legislation affecting telematics and navigation will help you:

-Understand what legislation is having the most impact on the automotive telematics world

- Plan your strategy by learning about the opportunities and threats generated by mandates and requirements

- Gain clear explanations of the legislative processes, responsible government departments and time plans

- Benefit from recommendations on how to turn legislation into a business opportunity

As governments increasingly understand the impacts of Connected Cars, a growing number of them will begin to introduce legislation to either mandate the fitment of specific technologies, or to prohibit their use while driving. SBD's Connected Car Guide ~ Government edition assesses both current and emerging legislation to analyse the political processes leading to legislation, the government entities responsible for producing the legislation, the procedures for producing new mandates, time plans leading to implementation and the impacts on the automotive industry. The report provides a country-by-country investigation of how and where legislation affecting the Connected Car is being considered or implemented. The report analyses the likelihood of the legislation being introduced and what positive and negative impacts will be felt by vehicle manufacturers, Tier-one suppliers, telecoms operators and telematics service providers. Legislative information can be searched according to market region, type of government activity (mandates, restrictions, policies, licences and guidelines) and the items of the Connected Car business ecosystem affected by each government activity (HMI, nomadic devices, navigation, radio, mapping and telematics). The interactive experience and level and type of information included in the research is illustrated in the following figures.

The SBD Commitment...

From technical trends reports to conducting end user surveys, SBD has over 15 years of experience of providing strategic advice, insight and expertise to the automotive and associated industries globally.

At SBD, we help vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers bridge that gap between system design and actual market needs. Our diverse team of experts understand global market and technical requirements and how to plan cost-effective systems for the future that customers value and are willing to pay for.

About the report author...

Stephen Longden, Analyst ~ Advanced Research Division

Stephen achieved an MSc in Transport Planning and Management at the University of Westminster before becoming the editor of The Intelligent Highway magazine. At SBD, Stephen specialises in research and analysis into automotive telematics and navigation. He has investigated a variety of ITS applications and is widely regarded as an expert on emerging markets such as China and initiatives such as eCall. Stephen is an award-winning speaker at conferences and seminars in Europe and Asia.

Table of Contents

Comprehensive guide to government activities covering items such as HMI, nomadic devices, navigation, radio, mapping and telematics. 

Packed with maps, graphics, case studies detailing national legislation, tables and charts providing easy to understand information and analysis.

Contains recommendations for Vehicle manufacturers, Tier-one suppliers, Telecom providers and Telematics service providers.

Intuitive and easy to navigate background to legislation, government objectives, latest news and relevant links to legal texts. 

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