Connectify 2.0 Improves Throughput & Range for the Apple iPad

Connectify Creates a Windows 7-Based Wi-Fi Personal Area Network where Users Can Share their Internet Connectivity Anywhere with Improved Performance

Jun 16, 2010, 07:15 ET from Connectify, Inc.

PHILADELPHIA, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Connectify, Inc. today announced Connectify Version 2.0, a free software application for Windows 7, which turns any Windows 7 personal computer into a Wi-Fi hotspot allowing users to share their Windows 7-based Internet connection with friends, co-workers, and a multitude of mobile devices, including the new Apple iPad.

Improved Throughput & Range for the Apple iPad

One benefit of Connectify 2.0 is to increase the throughput and range of other Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices.  Most highly mobile devices such as the iPad suffer from low radio transmission which reduces throughput speed and range.  Connectify 2.0 can radically improve the range and throughput of the wireless Internet on an iPad connected through a Windows 7-enabled based internet connection.

With Connectify 2.0, the iPad is able to leverage the longer range, and have a more reliable Wi-Fi connection from the PC to join more distant Wi-Fi networks.  Also, because Connectify can share any Internet connection, it is easy to get the iPad online through wired networks, tethered cell phones, or 4G modems.

Whether users need to set up a mobile office for a team of co-workers, extend the range of their home router, or just make Skype calls with their iPhone at the coffee shop, Connectify acts as a Personal Area Network or mobile hotspot that lets the user connect and share anywhere. In Connectify 2.0 the software detects and identifies devices by different manufacturers.  This allows the software to bring full support to devices such as iPads, Nokia multimedia phones, and the Nintendo DSi.  For those users who have experienced weak signals, forgotten passwords, or technical networking headaches with iPad Wi-Fi there is finally a solution.  

Connectify un-tethers gamers, social Internet users, home users, and business professionals from their local coffee shop, airport, home, or commercial Wi-Fi location and automatically selects an active Internet connection for wickedly fast connectivity.  Many games now use both the iPad and iPhone to play together, but because these devices do not support peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connections, they cannot play together without a fixed Wi-Fi access point.  Connectify supplies that Wi-Fi network for file sharing and game playing from any Windows 7 PC, allowing games to be taken out of the home and office.  Connectify offers a number of Personal Area Network benefits including working in groups, file sharing, playing multi-player games, remote PC and presentation control, and more.  

Four Key Reasons to Connectify

  • Absolutely Free and Unrestricted.  Don't break the bank paying for multiple Wi-Fi connections on the road.  

  • Software Based Router.  Take any Internet connection and share it wirelessly with no additional hardware, wires, plugs, or chargers.

  • Connect with Mobile Devices.  Easily connect any number of Wi-Fi-enabled devices to your network including laptops, phones, gaming systems, and more.

  • Safe, Secure, and Reliable.  Wi-Fi-enabled devices can see and join your Connectify hotspot just like any other Wi-Fi access point and are kept safe and secure by rock solid WPA2 Encryption.

"Connectify creates a personal cloud of high-speed Internet connectivity that can be easily shared between multiple users and dozens of simultaneously connected Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as laptops, netbooks, Apple's iPad, Nintendo's DSI, cameras, smartphones, MP3 players, and more.  In one sense, Connectify makes Microsoft work on Apple devices," said Alex Gizis, chief executive officer of Connectify. "Now people can walk out of their homes or offices and know they will be able to connect, access, and share all the information they need to be social, productive, and sustainable during the day."

Connectify with Confidence

After installing Connectify, users click the Connectify icon in the system tray, choose the connection they want to share, and then enter a name and password for their wireless network. Easy Setup Wizards will help you walk through the setup, and tool tips that explain everything. Flick the other devices to on and look for the new connection. Join it, enter the password, and users can start sharing information, files, and photos.  With the click of a mouse, this mobile hotspot application turns the PC into a Wi-Fi router for multiple users simultaneously.

Connectify Your World

  • Connectify is great for reverse-tethering your iPhone: connect your iPhone to your Connectify Wi-Fi hotspot, and whenever your laptop is on the Internet, then your data connections (web browsing, Skype, YouTube, etc.) will go through Connectify.
  • Conduct a Skype call with your iPhone or iTouch while using your personal computer to save money.
  • Stop paying for multiple Wi-Fi connections for your team or across multiple devices; connect them all simultaneously.
  • Take devices like your Wi-Fi phone, Wireless Printer or Eye-Fi-enabled camera from your office when you travel and it works just fine at any hotel or coffee shop, since the laptop is making the network look exactly the same to the devices.
  • Allow multiple devices on Wi-Fi when there are sign up restrictions.

Connectify is available now absolutely free.  Join our connected community.  Go to to download the application.

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Connectify develops innovative wireless solutions for the military, business, and consumer markets. The Connectify software team is dedicated to bringing real wireless sharing to everyone, saving people time and money, and improving the cross-platform wireless experience.

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