Connectivity Trends (Food, Soft Drinks, Alcoholic Beverages, Personal Care), Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors Reviewed in New Global and Regional Market Research Report

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The 2015 market report on Global and Regional Mega-Trends: Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors in Connectivity is a comprehensive analysis of global attitudes in the food, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and personal care categories.

Complete report on trends, attitudes and behaviors in connectivity for food, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and personal care markets spread across 70 pages having data and information derived from the survey responses of 52,000 global consumers in 48 countries is now available at .

This research highlights opportunities in new product development and provides insights on positioning and retail strategy, besides analysis of consumer profiling and targeting. It offers an investigation of the connectivity consumer mega-trends and how they are presenting themselves on a global, regional, and country basis along with key attitudes and behaviors influencing consumption patterns, globally. Proposals on how one can best target these global consumption patterns are helped with detailed comparisons that provide insight into regional and country attitudes towards connectivity. The report also covers key recommendations for manufacturers from product, targeting and retail perspectives as they are reflected in the four main categories of food, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and personal care.

According to this 2015 trends report on connectivity, advancements in technology have made maximizing personal relationships much easier, with consumers living in a world connected and, to an extent, governed by technology. Social media has been the gateway to an elevated platform in terms of linking celebrity to fan, allowing for a connection previously unavailable. Craft products position and pride themselves on the extra level of care, attention and dedication they provide. This is sought after by consumers who choose to have products 'the way they like it', making them feel closer to the product and the brand. The report details current and future expectations of behavior derived from the survey responses of 52,000 global consumers in 48 countries.

People are looking to connect more with family and friends, with feelings of stress and hectic lives rife. They are looking for an increasing number of quality moments and seek the enjoyments of the finer things in life. Alongside this, and just as importantly for some, establishing a connection with brands is crucial, with brands looking to capitalize on this by forming deep and long-lasting connections with consumers early on. It highlights the need for consumers to feel connected and affiliated with a certain product or brand, with the use of celebrities when promoting products one way in which brands try to reach out to consumers. Companies mentioned in this research report include Facebook, Twitter, Proactiv+, L'Oréal, Olay and Givenchy.  Order a copy of Global and Regional Mega-Trends: Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors in Connectivity market research report at .

This report brings together detailed consumer analysis to provide actionable insight into the behavior of consumers. It follows a strict, yet easy to follow format, illustrating and providing the story behind the regional and country analysis. A comprehensive understanding of the key attitude and behaviors influencing consumption based around connection along with recommendations of how to best target the trend is provided. Regional comparisons granting unique insight into the varying regional and country attitudes are covered. Key recommendations from a product, targeting and retail perspective and how this related to the connectivity trend along with an exclusive analysis from a global survey based on 48 countries, presented to ensure that the content is applied and relevant to stake-holders across the supply-chain is provided. It helps analyze the recommended actions to align marketing strategies with the crucial trends influencing consumer behavior and in identifying profitable markets and areas for product innovation. This research helps understand the importance of being led by the consumer in the FMCG market and define strategies with insight on what customers really want.

The connectivity market trends 2015 report helps gain a comprehensive knowledge of the 20 key trends and sub-trends that influence global consumption habits and develop a competitive advantage around consumer behavior trends from the start of a supply chain. Investigate current and forecast behavior trends in each category to identify the best opportunities to exploit while accessing strategic recommendations around new formulation, better positioning, packaging development and targeting to determine how the trends will evolve and to future-proof a new product development.

For the consumer goods market stakeholders, has multiple newly published and relevant research titles on the global and regional mega-trends, consumer attitudes and behaviors:

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Global and Regional Mega-Trends: Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors in Health and Wellness: Almost half of all consumers across the globe are on a diet in order to try and lose weight or avoid putting it on. Consumers are taking steps to improve their waistlines such as reducing portion sizes, cooking from scratch more, and paying close attention to the level of "dietary evils" in food and drink. Consumers are particularly concerned about heart health and cancer in both developed and developing economies. Consumers are not just worried about the day-to-day health issues arising from their lifestyles but also the long-term consequences. The proportion of consumers who say they are suffering from allergies and intolerances exceeds the estimates set by respected health organizations. This is a result of consumers misdiagnosing themselves as they take greater self-responsibility for their health and research subjects more. Complete research is available at .

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