Connecture Passes First Phase Of CMS Connectivity Testing For Health Plan Partners And Federally-Facilitated Marketplace (FFM)

Milestone marks important phase leading to the completion and launch of health insurance marketplaces and upcoming Oct.2013 open enrollment period

Aug 06, 2013, 11:00 ET from Connecture, Inc.

BROOKFIELD, Wis., Aug. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Connecture, Inc., the leading provider of Web-based information systems used to create health insurance marketplaces, today announced their successful completion of connectivity testing with the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM). This milestone, indicating that Connecture's architecture, technical connections and file formats are compatible with the federal health insurance marketplace, is a significant step forward in the effort to make affordable health insurance available online to millions of Americans through the Affordable Care Act-based Federal Marketplace. Completing the first phase is an important step in assisting health plan clients to not only connect to the Federal Marketplace and state-based exchanges, but also to build toward full integration with them.


This testing process verifies that health plans using Connecture's direct enrollment and EDI enrollment synchronization solutions are successfully connecting to the FFM and federal data services hub (DSH). These connections link Connecture with various public exchanges to determine consumer eligibility for health insurance cost assistance subsidies, and synchronize qualified health plan (QHP) enrollments between the health plan and the FFM. As part of connectivity testing, Connecture is required to pass an onboarding process that involves applying for and granting Trading Partner IDs with each of Connecture's health plan clients and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The approval of Connecture's proposed architecture by CMS, and the exchange of security certificates, will allow Connecture's system to securely communicate with the FFM.

"The ability to connect with the Federally Facilitated Marketplace early in the process points to Connecture's experience developing technology for multiple health plans and state-based exchanges with intuitive functionality," said Mark Granville, senior vice president and general manager with Connecture. "We now look forward to adding health plans and continuing the process of vetting our technology with both federal and state systems."

Once the Health Insurance Marketplace opens on October 1st, consumers will be able to visit a health plan website powered by Connecture's solutions, then easily click for access to the FFM for eligibility determination and cost calculations. Following the completion of this step, consumers may return to the health plan site to complete the shopping and enrollment experience, with the subsidy amount already factored in to their plan choices and the applicable monthly premium pricing. In addition to the FFM subsidy and eligibility determination, Connecture's solutions also assist health plans with enrollment synchronization efforts between the FFM and health plans' back-end membership and billing systems. In the public exchange market, Connecture currently provides shopping and enrollment, plan management, small business/small group and provider directory functions for three health insurance marketplaces: Maryland, Minnesota and the District of Columbia.

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Connecture is the leading provider of Web-based information systems used to create health insurance marketplaces and exchanges. Its industry-proven solutions enable consumers – both over and under age 65 – employers and brokers to more easily shop for, purchase and renew health insurance while minimizing back-office administrative expenses for health plans. Connecture's solutions include a wide range of proven distribution platforms for the commercial insurance industry and the public sector and are provided to health plans, state insurance marketplaces, the federal government, private exchanges and insurance brokers. More than 33 million Americans shop for their health insurance through systems built by Connecture, and more than half of the nation's 20 largest plans rely on them to sell, administer and manage their plans and products effectively.

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