Consensus Mediation Adds Eloise Gaither

Dec 28, 2010, 15:00 ET from Consensus Conflict Management and Mediation Services, LLC

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 28, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Consensus Conflict Management and Mediation Services, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of former Rutherford County Circuit Court Clerk Eloise Gaither to its staff. Consensus is a professional mediation and conflict resolution firm based in Nashville with mediators in 36 counties statewide.

Gaither will serve Consensus as the Mediation Coordinator for Rutherford County Courts. "The dockets are so crowded," said Gaither. "It's not unusual for judges to work five and six months out - which means parties are put on hold for extended periods of time.

"Mediation will help clear these crowded dockets, especially in Juvenile Court. Rutherford County funds a Magistrate who hears Juvenile cases to help keep the docket manageable.  If some of those cases can be settled before they are on the docket, it will help judges and attorneys get to cases more quickly and help citizens save time and money. In short, mediation takes much of the stress out of disputes for everyone involved."

Consensus Founder Clay Phillips described Gaither as "our boots on the ground for Rutherford County Courts. Eloise will be in the courtroom with our Consensus mediators' schedules in hand so when a judge orders mediation, the parties can have it scheduled immediately."

Gaither, who retired in September after 16 years as the Circuit Court Clerk for Rutherford County said that she "is eager to get back into the field and be associated with the Courts, the Clerks, the attorneys and the people.  Mediation is the perfect vehicle.

"In my opinion, mediation is a key component to the Tennessee Court System's Access to Justice Campaign. Consensus offers a sliding fee schedule, which helps low-income Tennesseans with [civil] legal problems receive assistance from Rule 31 mediators," she said. "Consensus also uses Rule 38, the Divorcing Parent and Mediation Fund to assist low income couples. Some of those people are indigent and don't know those services are available. They think they can't afford justice, but they can and we're here to show them how."

Tennessee law requires mediation in all contested divorces, according to Gaither. "In fact, it can also be ordered in most civil cases," she said. "In the future, I see mediation becoming more widely used in all types of cases."

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SOURCE Consensus Conflict Management and Mediation Services, LLC