Conservatives Urge Passage of Obama Jobs Bill - If Obama Will Guarantee Its Success

Oct 03, 2011, 14:31 ET from National Republican Trust PAC

WASHINGTON, Oct. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In a major jolt to the leadership of the Republican Party, conservatives are now urging the passage of President Obama's jobs bill.

The conservative group GOP Trust ( will run nationwide ads endorsing Obama's jobs bill – with only one catch: Obama is being challenged to take a pledge that if his jobs bill passes and the unemployment rate hasn't dropped below 7.6 percent in 1 year he must withdraw from his reelection bid.

Obama stated during a February 2009 interview with NBC's Matt Lauer, less than two weeks after taking office, that he would only serve one term if unemployment numbers and the economy in general had not improved during his term. The following link provides video and a transcript of the interview: Specifically, Obama said, "If I don't have this done in three years, we're looking at a one term proposition." Before today, no other conservative group has asked him to act on this promise.

GOP Trust Executive Director Scott Wheeler stated, "Obama is traveling the country on the taxpayer's dime touting a 'jobs bill' that he does NOT want to pass. The reason he doesn't want this bill to pass is because he would rather campaign on the legend of what he says the bill would do, than face an angry electorate after another failed economic gimmick.  This is nothing more than a political stunt designed to allow Obama to blame his bad economy on House Republicans." Wheeler added, "We have a simple plan that will allow the President to prove his sincerity."

GOP Trust is urging Republican leadership to pass the Obama jobs bill if the President accepts this challenge. GOP Trust has launched a multi-faceted campaign to pin Obama down on the political stunt he is calling a "jobs bill." The campaign comes as Obama faces plummeting approval numbers over handling of the economy.

In addition to the ads, the GOP Trust will launch a grassroots letter campaign aimed to spur House Republicans to start pressuring Obama by issuing public statements that they are ready to pass his so-called jobs bill just as soon as he takes "The Pledge."  This letter campaign will keep the Republicans in Washington from falling prey to Obama's political ploy.

The GOP Trust is the nation's largest Conservative PAC and has been at the forefront of American politics over the past two election cycles, having spent more than $15 million to elect Conservative candidates nationwide and to defeat the expansion of government control in Washington.  

SOURCE National Republican Trust PAC