Construction Authority Board Opposes Proposed Measure R Amendments

Foothill Extension to Claremont continues to be Inaccurately Defined

Jun 13, 2013, 18:59 ET from Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority

MONROVIA, Calif., June 13, 2013  /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- At their regularly scheduled meeting last night, the Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority (Construction Authority) board of directors voted unanimously to oppose the Measure R Expenditure Plan and Measure R Ordinance Amendments as proposed by Metro.

The Amendments are being proposed to allow Metro to accelerate funding to five Measure R transit projects ahead of the year approved by voters in 2008. The changes would only take affect if Metro is able to secure close to $6 billion in federal funding and grants for one or more of the Measure R transit capital projects. Metro is circulating the amendments for comment and plans to hold a public hearing on the matter on June 27.

"We are very disappointed and frustrated that Metro continues to blatantly ignore the voter mandate, which clearly defined the Gold Line Foothill Extension project from Pasadena to Claremont," explains board chairman and Glendora councilman Doug Tessitor. "Metro has yet again disregarded the request by the Construction Authority to update information in their Measure R Expenditure Plan to include an accurate cost estimate to complete the project to Claremont. As shown in their plan amendment, the project will end in Azusa."

Earlier this year, as required by statute, the Construction Authority board approved an updated expenditure plan for the Foothill Extension project. The updated project-level expenditure plan took into account the latest information known about the project, following significant study and planning completed since Measure R was approved in 2008.

"We have a much better idea what the total project will truly cost," added chairman Tessitor. "We have now awarded all contracts for the Pasadena to Azusa segment and have recently completed extensive environmental studies of the Azusa to Montclair segment. Together, this information allowed us to provide Metro a more accurate estimate for use as they update their overall expenditure plan. Unfortunately, they have chosen not to include the information in their proposed amendment."

The proposed Measure R Expenditure Plan Amendment includes a total estimated cost for the Foothill Extension project of $758 million, significantly less than the actual cost estimate ($1.714 billion) to complete the project to Claremont. The plan also includes an expected project completion of 2015-17, only reflecting completion of the first half of the project to Azusa. The Construction Authority's plan estimates completion to Claremont in 2022.

The Construction Authority board's action will now be sent as official comments on the proposed Amendments. The Metro board is scheduled to hold a public hearing at their upcoming board meeting on June 27.

SOURCE Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority