Construction sector in Russia 2013 - Regional focus

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Construction sector in Russia 2013 - Regional focus

Study Russian construction – by sector and by Federal District

Report focuses on regional details, growth projections to 2015

The Russian construction market has recently demonstrated variations in growth across the country's Federal Districts. For a closer look at construction activity, PMR offers a unique document examining the country's residential, non-residential and civil engineering sectors in light of market conditions in each district. It illustrates the influence of government investment in transportation, housing, and infrastructure construction as well as expansion due to upcoming events such as the Winter Olympics scheduled to take place in Sochi in 2014.

Construction sector in Russia 2013 – Regional focus, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2013-2015 studies the trends and expected growth statistics for each federal district. The report offers information on the value of each of the market's main segments and provides information on over 500 substantial projects expected to take place during the years 2013-2015.

It supplies market shares of the total Russian construction market held by the construction industries in each federal district and engages in comparative analysis and calculation of projected levels of growth for each district's residential, non-residential and civil engineering segments. It delivers an in-depth analysis of prevailing trends and their influence on future developments in the construction market environments of each segment, in each federal district.

This timely and concise report offers comprehensive forecasts for construction and assembly output values during the period 2013-2015 for each Federal District, categorised by market segment. It analyses recent price changes within the industry and projects price development during the forecast period. Readers will find the comparative perspective especially useful when pinpointing regions within Russia expected to experience the largest surges in activity and those that will be most profoundly affected by nationwide economic and industry trends and government and private levels of investment.

Construction sector in Russia 2013 – Regional focus, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2013-2015 is targeted to meet the business information needs of domestic and international contractors, materials and machinery manufacturers, investment professionals, researchers, financial and consulting services providers and government and trade agencies and organisations looking for a single source of information and analysis with a decidedly regional perspective on the construction market in Russia. They will find it a reliable and valuable resource for new business development, strategic planning and merger and acquisition activity, investment analysis, competitive research and assessment of demand for various products and services required by the industry. This report is also an asset in the preparation of internal documentation for corporate executives and shareholders. Those interested in locating new projects and updating their knowledge of the funding opportunities presented by government programmes will appreciate the concise and comprehensive listings of new projects contained within the document.Methodology 11Executive summary 13Construction sector in Russia – overview 21Central Federal District 25Construction overview 25Civil engineering 26Roads 27Railways 31Airports 33Environmental protection-related projects 35Investment in heavy industry 36Forecasts 37Non-residential construction 38Industrial and warehouse construction 38Office and shopping centre construction 40Hotel construction 44Forecasts 45Residential construction 46Completed homes 50Individual residential construction 51Forecasts 56Northwestern Federal District 57Construction overview 57Civil engineering 58Roads 59Railways 62Airports 64Environmental protection-related projects 66Investment in heavy industry 67Forecasts 70Non-residential construction 71Industrial and warehouse construction 71Office and shopping centre construction 73Hotel construction 74Forecasts 76Residential construction 77Completed homes 80Individual residential construction 81Forecasts 85Southern Federal District 87Construction overview 87Civil engineering 89Roads 89Railways 92Airports 93Environmental protection-related projects 94Investment in heavy industry 96Forecasts 98Non-residential construction 99Industrial and warehouse construction 99Office and shopping centre construction 101Hotel construction 102Forecasts 104Residential construction 105Completed homes 107Individual residential construction 109Forecasts 112North Caucasian Federal District 113Construction overview 113Civil engineering 115Non-residential construction 116Residential construction 117Completed homes 119Forecasts 121Volga Federal District 123Construction overview 124Civil engineering 125Roads 125Railways 129Airports 131Environmental protection-related projects 133Investment in heavy industry 135Forecasts 136Non-residential construction 137Industrial and warehouse construction 138Office and shopping centre construction 140Hotel construction 141Forecasts 143Residential construction 144Completed homes 147Individual residential construction 148Forecasts 152Urals Federal District 155Construction overview 156Civil engineering 157Roads 157Railways 160Airports 162Environmental protection-related projects 163Investment in heavy industry 165Forecasts 167Non-residential construction 168Industrial and warehouse construction 168Office and shopping centre construction 169Hotel construction 171Forecasts 172Residential construction 173Completed homes 176Individual residential construction 177Forecasts 180Siberian Federal District 183Construction overview 184Civil engineering 185Roads 185Railways 188Airports 190Environmental protection projects 192Investments in heavy industry 194Forecasts 196Non-residential construction 197Industrial and warehouse construction 198Office and shopping centre construction 199Hotel construction 200Forecasts 203Residential construction 204Completed homes 207Individual residential construction 208Forecasts 211Far Eastern Federal District 213Construction overview 214Civil engineering 215Roads 215Railways 218Airports 219Environmental protection-related projects 220Investments in heavy industry 222Forecasts 224Non-residential construction 224Residential construction 227Completed homes 230Individual residential construction 231Forecasts 233List of graphs 235List of tables 241About PMR 246

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