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Mar 28, 2011, 15:23 ET from Consumer Advocates Group

DALLAS, March 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Consumer Advocates Group, America's leading real estate finance, mortgage loan violation audit experts, loss mitigation, and lender litigation, were recently featured showcasing products and tools available to clients to help them obtain the most lucrative terms available to them. The company featured a variety of audit reports, mortgage analysis compliance reports and real estate software reports that allow consumers to use as leverage for negotiation purposes and presentation to bank negotiators.

Consumer Advocates Group now want to concentrate their efforts on helping the general population more effectively obtain accurate mortgage compliance audits and ensure enforceable loans. This firm is led by a very effective and experienced management team that is sure to make a huge impact in an industry that needs more accountability and accuracy in this arena of the transaction. The management team mentioned that this is the only report needed for loss mitigation purposes.

Consumer Advocates Group is a national compliance management firm which provides professional, advisory, and consulting services to financial institutions, mortgage bankers, real estate attorneys, consumer lending entities, and homeowners. Our expertise addresses all critical areas associated with regulatory matters, compliance, and quality control. Consumer Advocates Group can assist clients in meeting the oversight of regulators, fair lending mandates, and maintaining internal lending integrity and validation practices through independent quality control audits.

The other importance of the mortgage audit findings is that it may be the grounds to help move a non-judicial foreclosure action (currently in 29 states), if necessary, into jurisdiction, which can stop foreclosure in its tracks. More importantly, borrowers, regardless of financial hardship and payment history, now have the chance for a better position to negotiate new terms or loan settlement. Violations found in a loan audit can help place the borrower in the offense! We at Consumer Advocates Group help legal professionals navigate through the process with our learning channels, which we find critical for those legal advisors that are looking to make the audit solution part of their business practice. Information is only as good as the ones that know how best to use it.

Consumer Advocates Group is in the business of helping home owners that are interested in determining whether or not they have an enforceable loan. Through sophisticated software and certified auditors it is dedicated to providing accurate reports and quick turnaround times. Any negotiations that take place with lenders are done at no cost to the client as they offer free negotiation services!

Consumer Advocates Group is the parent company that incorporates several companies under one roof that offer a variety of synergistic products to the general public while delivering outstanding services with wholesale pricing. Consumer Advocates Group also handles commercial loan audits for several Commercial Loss Mitigation Companies. Consumer Advocates Group offers a variety of audits at wholesale pricing for residential and commercial real estate transactions.

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