Consumer Watchdog Injects Unnecessary Racial Arguments To The Proposition 33 Debate, Reports Yes on Prop 33

Oct 26, 2012, 22:05 ET from Yes on Prop 33

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- On the same day that the San Bernardino Sun released an editorial by writer Hardy Brown berating Consumer Watchdog for racist behavior, the Santa Monica based group levels the ugliest charges by saying that the initiative, which is endorsed by the Greenlining Institute, a long list of ethnic Chambers of Commerce, and every major Veterans' group military, is racist.

This is the same group of white corporate lawyers who were told early in the campaign by Sam Kang, of the Greenlining Institute, that people of color are able to speak for themselves and don't need the rich, white, lawyers of Consumer Watchdog speaking for them.

The San Bernardino article (below) reveals the noxious behavior of Jamie Court, the paid spokesperson of Consumer Watchdog, who told a spokesperson for Proposition 33 that her view of the initiative should be different because of who her husband is – an African-American man.  

Proposition 33 is about allowing a discount for car insurance.

Under the present system, people buying insurance, or who have had their insurance lapse, do not get a persistency discount that those who have kept insurance are allowed in California.

Proposition 33 has added safety nets:

  • Active military personnel keep their discount
  • Individuals who have been furloughed or are unemployed for 18 months keep their discount
  • Lapse for any reason for 90 days, and you are covered
  • Even if you have not had car insurance for five years, Prop 33 gives you a proportional discount for the number of years you have had car insurance

Between 1996 – 2002, when the portable persistency discount was allowed, the cost of insurance dropped and the number of uninsured motorists was cut in half.

The initiative is endorsed by leaders of both parties, including former Republican leader Jim Brulte, former Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, and former Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante.

It is nasty, wrong, and close to unforgiveable that the profiteering lawyers of Consumer Watchdog would resort to such tactics.

Vote Yes on Prop 33. Vote Yes on Prop 33. Vote Yes on Prop 33. Vote Yes on Prop 33. Vote Yes on Prop 33. Vote Yes on Prop 33.

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Race wrongfully injected into Prop. 33 campaign
By Hardy Brown

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