Consumers Ready for Wave of Internet TV Freedom

'The Wave' Connects Your TV To The Internet, With No Restrictions And No Monthly Fees

Oct 28, 2010, 12:08 ET from Dolphin Consumer Systems

SOLANA BEACH, Calif., Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- The ability of consumers to watch TV, videos, sports, or movies whenever or wherever is constantly growing.  Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube first brought our favorite movies, TV shows and video clips right to our fingertips on our computers. Today, these features, plus Video-on-Demand, can be accessed on your TV through your DVD/BluRay player, cable box and even your gaming console (ie. Xbox, PS3, Wii, etc).  For even more options, Apple and Google have recently jumped into the Internet TV foray by offering systems that will allow you to access similar content plus additional Internet content through your TV.  No more catching up on missed TV shows or instantly watching a video from your favorite website on a computer screen right?  Wrong.  All of the Internet TV options mentioned have a glaring problem:  All come with some type of restrictions in the form of not being able to go beyond the preset features of the system, controls, monthly service fees, or the inability to show video from all websites (for example: unable to work with Adobe Flash).  So here are some questions for you:

What if there was a product that connects your TV to the Internet that is simple and "just works," there are no restrictions, and there are no monthly fees ?

What if there was something that was better than Google TV and Apple TV, both which have restrictions?

What if your TV was also a computer and became a large digital picture frame when you are not using it?

Dolphin Consumer Systems has announced "The Wave," a simple solution to what consumers want: the freedom to be able to watch videos, TV, sports, and movies how you want to watch them.  We refer to it as "bringing a wave of freedom to the TV."  With no monthly fees, a small box easily installed by or behind a TV in minutes, and open access to the Internet, you will be able to catch up on those shows you missed, view the incredible content many networks and sports broadcasters now offer online only, and even play your favorite casual games on the "big screen" (for all you Farmers or Mafiosos).  When not using the system, your TV will change into a giant digital picture frame with your favorite photos.  Having complete control of your entertainment has never been so easy!

About Dolphin Consumer Systems

Dolphin Consumer Systems is dedicated to "Making Internet TV Simpler". They will consider licensing any company that wants to sell or build a version of The Wave.  For more information on The Wave and Internet TV, visit or e-mail .

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