Continental Who's Who: Preconceived Notions and Perceptions

Mar 11, 2011, 13:53 ET from Continental Who's Who

NEW YORK, March 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Continental Who's Who has published professionals since 1994, a worldwide network enabling members to create business relationships and partnerships. The words "Who's Who" synonymous in the acknowledgement of one's achievements is wrongly assumed an award.  Although acknowledged and recipient of an elegant plaque certifying acceptance, it's not something won. The publication isn't a book of famous people although notable individuals are published. CWW works in the realm of public relations as a marketing liaison for members. Social networking sites performing similar functions may or may not have costs but remain unexclusive.  CWW is member funded; those not subscribing to membership receive a free basic online-listing.

Battling Anti-SEO (Anti-Search Engine Optimization): We feel unfortunate that anyone has had a negative experience with us and has voiced it in a blog.  Candidates looking online to score our reputation may come across the Better Business Bureau where we are rated A+, or a blog shining an unfavorable light on our name.  Anti-SEO is a nasty game damaging reputations as bloggers and sites promoting mudslinging render companies helpless to malicious attacks, compounded by readers adding fuel to the fire.  In their quest of due diligence, those who stumble across these blogs write that they're happy to be forewarned from being defrauded.  Others post they were given a choice of membership and opted out, apparently after reading blogs started as a smear campaign. 

Well respected companies receive bad press. Search engines work where anyone can rant and tomorrow it's "NEWS"!  Entities publishing under the name "Who's Who" have received a few black eyes. Attributed to days of old, similar titles listed individuals without a cost, solidifying the recipient's enamored ego that they've won something. Today, tantamount to joining an exclusive country club, candidates interviewed have membership options with nominal fees and that does not infer that our business practices are at fault.

The term "Vanity publication", describes a directory where people pay to see their name in print. This coined term attempts to discredit the Publisher and those published. Media Outlets worldwide work on behalf of their clients and have fees, dues or charges for services; Ranging from Newspapers, Magazines, Ad Agencies and PR Firms.  CWW is a private membership organization, increasing exposure for its members. We strive to accommodate our members and will continue to do so.  

SOURCE Continental Who's Who