Continuum Offers Easy Communication With Financial Clients, Prospects

Feb 16, 2010, 10:47 ET from Continuum

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Feb. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- An on-line solution that takes the tedium out of cross selling and prospecting communications for the financial services industry has been developed by business solutions provider Continuum.

Continuum's web-based platform – called "Continuum Approach™" – can meet specific customer-centric requirements of individual banks and investment firms.

"'Continuum Approach™' improves a client's ability to plan and compete," said Bill Nanny, chief of national accounts for Continuum.

The secure platform was a response to financial clients who want better management of communications with increased response speed. It offers the benefit of compliance without administrative burden.

"Our platform is extremely flexible and can capture the quirks and nuances of an individual institution's communication preferences," Nanny said. "It can imbed compliance information from a variety of departments such as legal, sourcing or marketing into standardized and legal-approved written communications. Further, it can ease placement of proper language in individual operational or marketing letters."

This eliminates time financial professionals typically spend developing new communications and getting them approved by legal, Nanny added. Various lines of business (LOBs) can use the platform for their own client communications using a log-in that is unique to them.

Another time-saving feature of "Continuum Approach™" makes it easy to create prospecting lists unique to the services offered and marketed. Help in developing prospect lists comes through a Continuum relationship with a national data provider with a long and distinguished history of serving the financial services industry, Nanny said.

Cost-effectiveness of the electronic product is a big consideration, Nanny said, because it frees time for financial managers to interact with customers, learning their aspirations and strengthening relationships. Additionally, there is more time to interact with prospects from its lead-generating functionality.

"Continuum Approach™" facilitates cross-selling, a major emphasis for most financial institutions that operate wealth management and investment advisory units.

Continuum was formed by Classic Graphics, a Charlotte-based and widely respected regional printer and mailer with a quarter-century history.

The "Continuum Approach™" offering comes when an overwhelming number of financial professionals are seeking to re-establish customer relationships. Meanwhile, information technology budgets are stretching to accommodate changes.

Continuum offers a cost-effective answer to these challenges, Nanny said.

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