Contour Energy's Li/CFx Cells Enhance Battery Performance in Medical Devices

Innovative Lithium/Carbon Flouride (Li/CFx) batteries feature proprietary Tunable Cathode technology; new Medical Application Brief details benefits in medical devices

Sep 27, 2012, 13:44 ET from Contour Energy Systems, Inc.

AZUSA, Calif., Sept. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Contour Energy Systems, Inc., innovator of next-generation battery systems, highlights the application of its new Lithium/Carbon Fluoride (Li/CFx)  primary batteries in medical devices with the publication of an informative Medical Application Brief. Contour's proprietary Fluoronetic™ fabrication technique combines multi-layered carbon nano-materials with new manufacturing processes to achieve long shelf life and wide temperature operation. Additionally, the Li/CFx series' patented "Tunable Cathode" allows the cell's fundamental properties to be fine-tuned for optimal energy and power density. Contour's Li/CFx cells are especially well-suited for medical applications due to their relatively flat discharge profile, low internal resistance and light weight. Key medical applications include: drug infusion pumps, neurostimulators, pacemakers, bone-growth stimulators, glucose monitors, defibrillators and other implantable and external devices.


Compared to other lithium battery chemistries, Li/CFx typically delivers higher gravimetric energy density, higher volumetric energy density, a wider temperature range, exceptional shelf life and optimum price/performance. The application brief provides a useful table comparing performance characteristics of Contour's Li/CFx technology with the other primary lithium battery chemistries. 

"Contour Energy Systems Li/CFx primary batteries are available coin and pouch cell configurations. Our Li/CFx coin cell batteries boast exceptional 'Japanese-level' quality while offering comparable unit pricing," said Joe Carcone, VP of Sales & Marketing. "In addition, our custom pouch cells are produced in the U.S."

The Medical Application Brief and additional information are available at:

Price & Delivery:  As customized devices, pricing and delivery must be quoted on an individual basis.

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