Contributing to Vehicle Safety, Comfort and Efficiency - Freudenberg Products Invisible but Indispensable in Vehicles Exhibited at the NAIAS 2013

Jan 22, 2013, 11:00 ET from Freudenberg Group

DETROIT, Jan. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Focus on engine downsizing, new drive technologies, alternative fuels, overall environmental sustainability of vehicle production, and an industry-wide trend in global platform approach make the Freudenberg Group companies choice suppliers for a reinvented automotive industry. More than 60 products in the new Dodge Ram 1500, winner of the 2013 Truck of the Year, and more than 70 in the Cadillac ATS, winner of the Car of the Year award, are telling examples of Freudenberg's contribution to some of the most successful vehicles on the market.

Freudenberg products ranging from sealing solutions for engine, transmission, chassis, steering, air conditioning, electronics, and breaking areas; nonwovens for car headliners and carpets; flexible printed circuits; cabin air and engine intake air filters; specialty lubricants and release agents to vibration engineering products, and a range of products for battery powered vehicles and battery itself, contribute to safety, efficiency and comfort of the majority of latest vehicle models shown at this year's NAIAS.

Leesa Smith, Freudenberg North America President and Regional Representative says, "With the start of production of Simmering® seals in 1930's, Freudenberg became one of the key suppliers of the automotive industry and has successfully held that position for almost a century, providing our automotive customers with a growing portfolio  of innovative, world class products."

The Freudenberg Group, a privately owned family of companies successfully operates in markets around the world, making the Freudenberg name globally synonymous with innovation, quality, experience, stability, customer service and integrity. Multiple Freudenberg Group companies offer a comprehensive automotive portfolio of more than 300 products. On average, some 70 different Freudenberg products can be found in any car built today.  Automotive business accounts for more than 30 percent of Freudenberg's overall sales.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies supplies automotive OEM's with seals and sealing packages, in particular for motors, gears, wheels and brakes. In the US, joint venture Freudenberg NOK Sealing Technologies is synonymous with custom-engineered solutions and product excellence.  Sealing and vibration control spare parts and service products for automotive applications are provided under the Company's Corteco brand. With its sealing solutions for engine, transmission, chassis, steering, air conditioning, electronics, and breaking areas, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is helping automotive manufacturers meet evolving environmental standards while lowering fuel consumption and positively impacting performance.

Specialty lubricants form Freudenberg Chemical Specialities are used in a wide range of automotive applications, such as fire-retardant seats, surface engineering and electroplating. Chem-Trend develops and manufactures high-end release agents used in automotive stamping, while Kluber Lubrication offers specialty lubricants for the automotive industry.

Freudenberg Nonwovens manufactures battery separators for hybrid and electric vehicles. Nonwoven fabrics such as Lutraflor® and Evolon® are used in automotive carpets, hoodliners, headliners, and instrument panels, for sound absorption and for surface treatment technology.

Freudenberg NOK Mechatronics produces flexible printed circuit boards which form the basis of a variety of mechatronic products, such as interior and exterior lighting, built-in antennas, heaters and sensors.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies manufactures micronAir® cabin and engine air intake filters for cars and trucks. High quality Viledon® filters are used in automotive paint shops.

Freudenberg Fuel Cell Component Technologies develops seals, gas diffusion layers and air filters and humidifiers for fuel cells.

Joint venture Trelleborg-Vibracoustic develops and manufactures vibration control solutions for automotive industry.

About the Freudenberg Group: The Freudenberg Group is a family company offering its customers technically challenging product solutions and services. The Group is first and foremost a supplier specializing in seals and vibration control technology, nonwovens, filtration, lubricants, and release agents as well as mechatronic products. The end-user can find modern Freudenberg household products in the shops under the brand names of vileda®, O-Cedar® and Wettex®. For mid-size companies, in particular, Freudenberg develops software solutions and IT services. In 2011, the Freudenberg Group employed more than 37,000 people in 58 countries and generated sales of over 7.8 billion USD.

About Freudenberg in North America: Freudenberg North America Limited Partnership is the North American holding company for Freudenberg & Co. of Weinheim, Germany, that owns a family of companies which operate 15 unique businesses at 58 locations in North America. Together, these companies provide innovative products and solutions to customers in industries ranging from automotive, aerospace, and medical to chemical, oil and gas, and construction.

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