Copiers Refurbished Discusses How Your Office Can Go Green with Refurbished Copiers

Apr 05, 2013, 12:00 ET from Copiers Refurbished

LONG PRAIRIE, Minn., April 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Copiers Refurbished, one of the largest independent dealers of refurbished Canon copiers, Ricoh copiers and Toshiba copiers, has released an article outlining the reasons why your office should go 'green', and how Copiers Refurbished can make it easier with one single step.

More and more companies are taking responsibility for the environmental impact their choices can make on the world. In most commercial buildings throughout the United States, recycling is encouraged if not mandatory. Having said that, let's consider a scenario for recycling at the work place that goes beyond the scope of discarded paper and soda cans. Consider that for each 50-story commercial building, there were five companies per floor, each with four copy machines, that is a total of 1,000 copy machines per building. Now if one were to take that number and multiply it by the number of commercial buildings in Manhattan (just so we understand the magnitude) that is a ridiculous number of copy machines! If only 1000 of those companies were to purchase refurbished copiers, or donate the used ones upon purchasing new or leased copiers, imagine the 'green' impact that could have on the environment!

There are countless reasons to purchase a refurbished copier. First and foremost is the preservation of raw materials. The amount of plastics, metals and chemicals including carbon used to manufacture and ship a new machine is markedly reduced every time a refurbished copy machine is purchased.

It takes decades, if ever, for plastics to decompose. Purchasing a refurbished copier reduces the amount of waste in landfills, which ultimately prevents more pollutants from entering our air, soil and water. Purchasing a refurbished copier ensures that a copier does not end up in a landfill, in effect reducing waste.

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For over a decade, Copiers Refurbished has provided customers with the highest quality products, selling brands such as Canon copiers, Toshiba copiers and Ricoh copiers. From keeping chemicals out of landfills, to preserving the raw materials during the manufacturing process, as well as keeping energy costs low, Copiers Refurbished sells copy machines that help make a more positive impact on the environment, and help keep the office green.

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