CoPilot® Live™ Launches $4.99 USA GPS Navigation App for Android

New low-cost app brings full-featured GPS navigation to Android smartphones and tablet devices for just $4.99; Includes maps of USA stored on your device, not downloaded

Oct 15, 2010, 09:00 ET from ALK Technologies

PRINCETON, N.J., Oct 15 /PRNewswire/ -- ( -- ALK Technologies, today, announced CoPilot Live USA bringing full-featured, voice-guided GPS navigation to Android smartphones and tablet devices for the breakthrough price of just $4.99.

Already a popular choice for iPhone and iPad owners, CoPilot Live USA for Android provides easy to follow, powerful turn-by-turn guidance with clear 3D guidance views and voice directions throughout the USA. Detailed street-level maps are stored directly on the Android device, not downloaded each trip, so drivers don't need to rely on a mobile internet connection for navigation.

Destination entry is made easy thanks to predictive address matching that finds addresses as you type. Millions of useful Points of Interest (POIs) are pre-installed as standard, including gas stations, restaurants, and attractions. The app also features sophisticated guidance features such as ClearTurn™ realistic display with lane indicator arrows and real sign post information for clear guidance at highway exits and complex intersections.

CoPilot Live USA can take advantage of a phone's mobile internet connection to provide access to useful real-time information as standard, including Local Internet Search and location-specific weather forecasts. The app includes 14 days use of CoPilot Live's advanced real-time traffic information service, ActiveTraffic™, which calculates routes and ETAs based on current traffic conditions.

Michael Kornhauser, Managing Director, CoPilot Live Navigation, said, "The latest Android-based smartphones and tablet devices are capable of providing a superior in-car navigation experience. With CoPilot Live USA available for just $4.99, full-featured voice guided GPS navigation is now an affordable reality for millions of GPS-enabled Android phone owners."

CoPilot Live USA is available for a one-time fee of $4.99 for unlimited use through Android Market and iTunes App Store. 12 months use of the ActiveTraffic real-time traffic service is available as an option for $9.99.

CoPilot Live North America, which includes both the U.S. and Canada maps, continues to be available from Android Market and iTunes App Store for $19.99.

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