CORE Advisory Group and Their New Healthcare Dispute Program

Jul 24, 2015, 10:20 ET from CORE Advisory Group

OREM, Utah, July 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the latest market studies, there is a new growing demand for knowing how to deal with healthcare and insurance disputes. CORE Advisory Group has the right answer when it comes to informing consumers on how best to resolve and/or avoid a healthcare coverage dispute. It's a brand new program that's meant to provide the help & support to those who have been denied, mistreated, defrauded, overcharged or neglected by the poor quality of medical care. The Healthcare Dispute program is also for those who wish to prevent those ramifications that arise from bigger conflicts and disputes. For instance, if the healthcare customer service does not resolve your problem, then you may need access to special outside Advocates/Professional Agents who'd work with you on your behalf to force a resolution point based on negotiating with all the involved parties.

With CORE Advisory Group, disgruntled consumers and patients now have the access to dedicated consumer advocates who are also professional consultants willing to fight for your rights before it becomes a legal case. All of this is thanks to a new arbitration system that's part of the advanced resolution center within the company. In such regard, CORE Advisory Group associates would use a multi-structured appeal system that allows for faster and more graceful reconciliation of problems. Before making an external appeal with official authorities or governing agencies, the company first encourages the consumers to submit their complaints for internal review by the company's advocates. If the healthcare dispute is severe enough, then the company (CORE Advisory Group) will submit it for an external review to impose extra leverage via the regulatory agencies or any governing authorities that would be able to expedite the process into a successful resolution that satisfies all sides.

Considering the disproportionate balance of power between consumers/patients, insurance companies and healthcare providers, it's no wonder there is now such a need for consumer advocates in the medical field where now even the common consumers would start having as much of a voice as those huge conglomerates who at times control too much of the patients' lives. Who is right and who is wrong? - CORE Advisory Group may just have the answer on how to protect your rights in the perplexing world of healthcare business…

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