CORRECTION - ISOLUX Infrastructure: T-Solar Expands its Operations in India With a €34m Investment

Feb 06, 2013, 06:21 ET from ISOLUX infrastructure

The T-Solar Group, a major independent power producer of photo-voltaic solar energy, has just connected up its second PV power plant in India. This milestone is part of the company's strategic growth plan for India.

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The new plant in Nayaka (Gujarat), with an installed capacity of 12.3 MWp, will generate 19.4 GWh a year. It will help the country's national grid to meet a demand for electricity that is increasing as fast as the Indian economy is growing. The power plant consists of 96,885 panels installed over a 36.4 hectare site.

T-Solar also has another 5 MWp photo-voltaic power plant in Osiyan (Rajasthan) that has been operational since October 2011, providing the electricity grid with 8.5 GWh a year. It was the first photo-electric power plant to be connected to the Indian grid by a Spanish company and one of the first to come on line under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM).

The total investment in these to photo-voltaic projects amounts to €34m and they generate enough energy to supply over 49,000 people.

T-Solar is consolidating its operations in a market with enormous potential for the immediate future. India's energy requirements together with its growth make it an outstanding setting for photo-voltaic investment, as the scalability, rapid installation and simplicity of this technology make it highly beneficial to the country.

About T-Solar

T-Solar is a major independent power producer of photo-voltaic solar electricity. The Isolux Infrastructure subsidiary has 284.5 MWp under operation and development in Spain, Italy, India, Peru, United States and Puerto Rico. Its operational photo-voltaic solar power plants generate over 320 GWh a year, the equivalent to the average annual electricity consumption of a town of 113,004 inhabitants. The T-Solar group earned €114m in revenues in 2012 and has invested over €1.5bn to date. For further information:

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