CORRECTION - V3D: V3D's EQual One Solution Chosen by Virgin Mobile France to Measure Network Performance

Jan 14, 2014, 09:26 ET from V3D

Virgin Mobile, the French leading full MVNO with close to 2 million customers, uses the EQual One solution from V3D to measure the data and voice performance provided to its customers, along with the quality of their coverage, regardless of the radio-based host networks and technology (2G, 3G or 4G) in use.

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The choice of this solution was directly linked to the operator's policy of innovation and quality of service. Indeed, the measurements produced by EQual One reflect the everyday reality of the network, as perceived by the end user. This information is particularly useful to Virgin Mobile when it comes to adjusting its mobile packages, allowing it to satisfy the increasingly demanding mobile customer of today. It can also be used as an indicator though, to address specific problems signalled by a number of subscribers. With EQual One, Virgin Mobile now has an optimised tool for managing its service quality, which actively helps to enhance the quality of its customers' experience on a day to day basis.

Philippe MAUGEST, Company Secretary at Virgin Mobile France, explains that, "Because our full MVNO strategy was at the centre of our preoccupations, we needed a solution that would provide real measurements of the quality of our host operators' 3G+ and 4G mobile networks, combined with an analytical tool to gauge our own services. For this, we needed a solution that could capture coverage performance levels and compare them to the user experience, which was guaranteed in the EQual One solution".

Philippe VIAL-GRELIER, Chief Executive Officer of V3D, adds that "EQual One is the perfect solution for MVNOs like Virgin Mobile France. Because it is independent of the networks and easy to roll out, it gives MVNOs access to general key performance indicators, broken down by technology and by operator network".

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V3D is a dedicated editor concentrating its know-how on the combination of network expertise, smartphones and their operating systems (OS). V3D offers turnkey solutions to monitor and manage networks and value added services from a customer point of view. The heart of the solution EQual One allows MNOs to measure true network Quality of Experience (QoE) of their mobile subscribers. V3D headquarter is based in Lyon, France

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