Cortex Now Global Number One for Hosted Exchange

Dec 05, 2010, 23:50 ET from Sayle Noble & Associates on behalf of EMS Cortex

WELLINGTON, New Zealand, Dec. 5, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Cloud computing software made by EMS Cortex - part of the Enprise Group - has become the number one interface for hosted Exchange, cutting deployment times by 70% and allowing resellers to provision new clients on the platform themselves in six clicks.

The company's flagship product is Cortex, a cloud control panel software product used by applications hosting companies to manage hosted business applications, services and infrastructure. Cortex's ability to automate the sale of additional services to existing customers, and uncap growth in the reseller market, have helped make it the world's leading cloud control panel, says Enprise Group CEO Mark Loveys.

"Cortex is now the leading cloud control panel worldwide, based on sales growth and breadth and depth of functionality," he says.

"We are supporting new Microsoft releases within 90 days, which is twice as fast as our competitors. This gives Cortex customers a significant head start in taking new hosted services to market. Our customers are seeing strong organic growth across all services from existing customers 'helping themselves' to additional services. Another major competitive advantage of Cortex is that it removes growth limits on the reseller market. Resellers provision new clients on the platform themselves, so their growth is completely unfettered."

South Africa's biggest ISP - Internet Solutions - is using Cortex software to differentiate its hosted services, automate the upselling of existing customers and uncork growth in its value added partner channel.  

"Cortex is leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else - from an international perspective it's the de facto interface for hosted Exchange," says Neil van Straaten, Product Manager for Messaging Services at Internet Solutions.

"With Cortex our end users automatically configure their own desktops for speedy mass provisioning, which has cut deployment times by 70%. Client administrators have halved the time they spend administering existing users."

Once clients are receiving one service, they deploy others by ticking a box. Clients upsell themselves, says Neil van Straaten.

"We've really noticed that once people are receiving hosted Exchange, as soon as they're comfortable they tend to sign up for additional services," he says.

"We are winning more business now, and Cortex is our biggest differentiator. Ease of use is the thing that clients can truly see and appreciate, and when we show clients the Cortex interface, they say 'Wow'".

He says Cortex has removed all growth restrictions for value added channel partners.

"Our resellers can provision a new client on the platform themselves, in five or six clicks. We just sit back and let resellers deploy clients as quickly as they possibly can. We want to set up everyone as a reseller and let them go wild with the market. It's very exciting for us."

Cortex has an international customer base ranging from small hosting companies with 5000 users to large Telcos with hundreds of thousands of users. Recent large customers include TELUS of Canada and Vodacom, South Africa's largest Telco. Earlier this year Unisys selected Cortex for its new global cloud services platform. Cortex has a strong global partnership with Microsoft, and was the first cloud control panel to support Microsoft's Dynamic Data Centre and Hyper V virtualization software.  

About EMS-Cortex

EMS-Cortex specializes in the development, sale, implementation and service of the Cortex suite of applications. Cortex is used by Telcos, ICT services companies, and specialist application hosting providers to manage the provisioning and administration of hosted software applications. Cortex automates the setup of hosted services and business applications; it allows end customers to perform day-to-day administration themselves and it provides a platform for managing all hosted services through a single interface. EMS-Cortex has blue chip local and international customers including TELUS of Canada; Internet Solutions, the largest hosting provider in South Africa; Vodacom, South Africa's largest Telco; Unisys Corporation and WebCentral, Australia's largest web and application hosting company.


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