CosMedix Reports Top Spring Trend: Au Naturel Skin

Do Women Have the Confidence to Really Take it Off?

Mar 21, 2011, 12:47 ET from CosMedix

ATLANTA, March 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the trend toward a natural, no-makeup look is stronger than ever. To achieve it, women across the nation have gone to great lengths to lighten up, brighten up and show off a healthy looking complexion. But does their skin care really give them the results they desire or the confidence to "take it all off"?

A recent poll commissioned by CosMedix chirally correct skin care revealed that while the average woman prizes great-looking skin, she admits that she's never fully satisfied with the condition and appearance of her skin.

The survey, conducted among 1,161 U.S. adult women revealed just how concerned women are with their complexion and what they expect from their skin care products.

As part of an increasingly image-driven culture, women today go to great pains to achieve modern standards of beauty—from crippling five-inch heels to sky-high push-up bras to stifling body-shaping undergarments. However, it seems that women draw the line at skin care. In fact, 66 percent of women surveyed reported that they expect products to produce results without side effects, such as harsh redness or irritation.

Who can forget the classic Sex in the City episode where Samantha receives a new "wonder facial peel" before a big event and the outrageous inflammation, redness and irritation that followed? While the episode was amusing, the topic was serious. "Women are fed up with skin care that damages their skin to produce results," says JuE Wong, CEO of CosMedix. "Exclusive technologies and formulations exist today that will deliver potent results without the irritation or downtime found in many professional products."

The CosMedix survey also revealed that 38 percent of women think a bad skin day is worse than a bad hair day, and nearly one in four (22 percent) fear being seen without makeup by their significant other.

The data doesn't surprise Ms. Wong, who has spent her career on the frontline as an advocate of skin fitness. "At the end of the day, women (and men) just want to feel comfortable in their skin," she says. "And more importantly, they don't want to just cover up problems, they want to create a change in their skin that corrects their skin concerns."

Known as the pioneer in chirally correct skin care, CosMedix offers a complete range of corrective products designed to naturally restore and rejuvenate the skin from head to toe—without irritation.

"CosMedix eliminates harsh acids and irritating ingredients from its formulas," explains Noureddine Mriouah, vice president of product development and principal scientist for CosMedix. "Instead, we pair potent, proven actives, like retinol, with uniquely purified, nonirritating ingredients and delivery systems to minimize excessive immune response and the cutaneous destruction that contributes to free radical damage and premature cell death," he says.

For women to be able to truly "take it all off" and reveal fresh, youthful looking skin, the professionals at CosMedix recommend the following foundations:

1.   Proper exfoliation is essential to inhibit and reduce the cohesion of corneocytes and the plugging of keratinocytes that occurs in the epidermis and prevents active ingredients from reaching their targeted cell receptors.

2.   Delivering optimal concentration levels of retinol to the skin in the safest, gentlest way is critical.

3.   Chiral correction produces the pure activity of an ingredient dramatically reducing the possibility of an allergic or adverse reaction.

About CosMedix: CosMedix is a leading clinical aesthetic company that provides skin care professionals with the most effective corrective products for maximum results with minimum irritation and downtime.