Cosmetics retail market in Central Europe 2012

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Cosmetics retail market in Central Europe 2012

Drugstore chains report cosmetic sales on the rise in Central Europe

Direct sales, other outlets yield to drugstores in weak retail market In the wake of the financial crisis, changes in consumer spending in the cosmetics market are visible. Customers have transferred purchasing preferences away from direct sales, hypermarkets and supermarkets to drugstore chains and online outlets offering special promotions and an assortment of cheaper brands. Market adjustments to changing financial conditions have created a complex landscape in the Central European countries of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

Professionals involved in retail sales of cosmetics in these markets will benefit from reading Cosmetics retail market in Central Europe 2012, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2012-2014, an all-encompassing publication from PMR that breaks through the noise of market dynamics to clearly present the data, analysis and forecasts businesses need to achieve successful results.

This innovative report offers data describing the demographics and economic situations in each of the covered countries, as well as the specific current values of the cosmetics retail markets and their likely developmental paths in the years ahead. It ranks the most prominent retailers in terms of total sales and profiles successful specialists operating in Central European markets. The report also describes the average buyer in these markets in terms of spending and preferences, including recent changes in spending habits.

Analysis of market trends, past, present and future, provides an inside look into the ways in which they influence growth of specific product categories, such as face and body care, which are further delineated and described throughout the text. The report also dissects the region's distribution network and explores all major cosmetics market channels, including direct and online sales, evaluating shares of top performers in each of the covered countries. It also provides clear-cut forecasts of market dynamics and development for the overall market and each country for the next two years.

Professionals operating in the cosmetics markets in Central European countries will find this publication especially convenient, as it enables them to compare and assess the potential for new business endeavors, expansions of current projects and to formulate thoughtful strategies in preparation for future growth. It answers their questions about market values, the changes expected in trends and development scenarios, and distribution channel possibilities for the years ahead. Readers will also enjoy the benefits of the extensive competition research provided in the report's corporate profiles, which feature updates on size, value, financial condition and strategic plans of the major drugstore retail chains operating in each of the countries covered by this all inclusive document.Cosmetics retail market in Central Europe 2012, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2012-2014 is specifically targeted to meet the business information needs of cosmetics retailers and manufacturers, suppliers of products and services for retailer support, consultants, financial services providers and government and research entities that compile and present information to concerned parties across Central Europe and beyond.I. Methodology p. 9II. Executive Summary p. 15III. Key macroeconomic and demographic indicators p. 23IV. Cosmetics retail market in Central Europe p. 39V. Cosmetics retail market in Bulgaria p. 49VI. Cosmetics retail market in the Czech Republic p. 67VII. Cosmetics retail market in Hungary p. 89VIII. Cosmetics retail market in Poland p. 103IX. Cosmetics retail market in Romania p. 129X. Cosmetics retail market in Slovakia p. 157XI. List of graphs p. 171XII. List of tables p. 173XIII. About PMR p. 177XIV. Contact PMR p. 178

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