Counselling Service Launches eBook Aimed at Reducing Stigma

Jul 13, 2013, 03:00 ET from Anglia Counselling Ltd

NEWMARKET, England, July 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Mind Mechanics - The Mindfulness Compendium  

Following the acid test of providing free - over 500 downloads of the 'rough' copy compilation of blogs attributed to Anglia Counselling's website, It was decided reasonable to have a paid for version of the most popular blogs formatted, tidied up, re-edited, proofed and made available across all major e-readers, via SmashWords.

No small time commitment was involved, as those who have published before will already know, but highly satisfying in the end, a great learning experience to add to the tapestry of life!

Business owner and counsellor, Bob Brotchie started writing initially to help him reflect on his learning and experiences with clients and what challenges they bring to his private practice, as well as those from his own life experiences and observations.

Whilst raising service awareness, Brotchie says he is attempting to reduce the stigma often attached to psychological ill health, and which really is mostly attributable to misunderstandings, ignorance leading to fear, fear of being seen as a failure, or as a social pariah - and with good reason.

Discrimination is still rife, that is the sad reality. The positive is that 'we', as a society are finally beginning to see the fruits of the ongoing availability of information, and are better informed about what mental health, good and less so, looks like.

Brotchie said, "I want people who are suffering, and those who are yet to, to be aware of what the clients counselling room and environment literally looks like.

I wanted to reassure current and future service users of some of the options available, and what they mean, such as found with general counselling, psychotherapy or cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) - and what it can be like seeing a counsellor."

These observations are true of life and will resonate with most. Covering relationships at home and of the workplace, and of the pain felt in depression and anxiety. Of stress management and the effects before they are brought back into balance; of addictions - and facing death or bereavement.

The book content offers to introduce more mindful ways to observe environments, the impact on feelings and emotions and it is in this mindfulness, and the frequent references to that throughout this publication which may resonate and bring value to most.

There are so many more of the facets of life affecting us all, all of them have positive outcomes available and it's not all doom and gloom at all!  

Mind Mechanics - The Mindfulness Compendium is available here with the first 20% available for preview.

Bob Brotchie is a former long serving paramedic and innovator, creating the global campaign in 2005, ICE - In Case of Emergency. In his award winning career in emergency medicine a great deal of work involved many of the major aspects of mental health in the community, before becoming a governor of a major mental health provider organisation. Since launching his company and service offerings in early 2012, Bob Brotchie has become known for his educational and engagements via many social media platforms. Anglia Counselling welcomes individuals and couples to its Newmarket area office by appointment, where clients will recognise the unique service offered specifically to them and their needs.  


Bob Brotchie
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