Couples Show Undying Love for Eternity Diamond Rings

The classic diamond encircled ring style embodies unending romance for ecstatic King of Jewelry customers

Jul 02, 2012, 13:55 ET from King of Jewelry

LOS ANGELES, July 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- True love is forever. Certainly, that's what every pair of newlyweds believes with all their heart. Moreover, the most powerful symbol of eternity anyone knows is a circle. It's only natural, then, that one of the most common of all purchases at King of Jewelry is the classic style known as eternity diamond rings. Studded with a series of identically sized and cut gems, these rings symbolize the undying nature of genuine love with the simplest yet most powerful of all symbols: a circle of diamonds.

Famed among jewelry stores in Los Angeles for its outstanding service, selection, and prices, the King of Jewelry is proud to present an outstanding line of wedding and engagement jewelry. Yet, there is something very special about the eternity type of diamond ring. Eternity rings have been selling especially well of late both online and at the outlet's downtown Los Angeles store. Customers have been effusive in their praise of the selection, which includes Princess Cut, Cushion Cut, Asscher Cut, Emerald Cut, and Round Cut styles. For those who want something a little bit above and beyond the ordinary, King of Jewelry also offers the Cushion Cut Diamond Eternity Band and the stunning Sapphire & Diamond Eternity Wedding Band.

"It's all about love," said one thrilled customer, a bit gobsmacked by the power of love, after purchasing a Princess Cut band for his intended. "I was really impressed with the diamond engagement rings here. They were extremely beautiful and I came very close to getting one, but when I saw all the eternity rings, I knew that having a ring of diamonds was just the way for me to show what I'm feeling right now. My honey is someone really special and eternity diamond rings are the only kind of jewelry that really seem to express the depth of my love for her. I don't think one diamond is enough for her. Only a ring completely encircled by diamonds will do."

The good news is that, whatever type of jewelry you are contemplating buying; King of Jewelry is renowned for its outstanding selection, prices and service. Whether you are shopping online or visiting the brick and mortar location in downtown Los Angeles, both jewelry newcomers and experts can expect the most friendly and efficient service from the King of Jewelry's knowledgeable staff.

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