Coupons at Checkout™ Transforms Online Shopping By Automating Coupon Delivery

New App Eliminates Need To Search For Coupon Codes During Checkout, Holiday Shoppers: Save Without Searching™

Nov 29, 2012, 13:00 ET from

MADISON, N.J., Nov. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Online shopping can be a powerful tool in the arsenal of consumers searching for quality goods at discounted prices. Savvy consumers typically scour the Internet in search of coupons that can lead to big savings. Often times, however, this search is a frustrating exercise that wastes valuable time and may not necessarily yield the desired results.  Coupons at Checkout™ can be used by consumers to avoid this scenario altogether.  The patent pending Coupons at Checkout™ system revolutionizes online shopping by automatically delivering and applying relevant coupon codes just-in-time during the consumers' checkout process.

Coupons at Checkout™ is a lightweight web browser extension that takes just seconds to install.  Once installed, the software remains silent until a user wishes to make purchase. Coupons at Checkout™ then seamlessly delivers coupon code information directly to the promotional section of a retailer's checkout page.  

Entering and applying an applicable coupon code can be achieved with just two clicks of the mouse. With Coupons at Checkout™, the need to navigate to other websites in search of coupon codes, while simultaneously flipping back to the checkout page of the retailer, is a thing of the past.

"The software ensures that shoppers always get the convenience and cost-savings of online couponing, without wasting the time or energy searching," says Marc Mezzacca, the creator of Coupons at Checkout™.

Coupon searching has been shown to significantly influence shopping cart abandonment.  A PayPal/comScore study observes that 27 percent of shopping cart abandonment occurs when customers navigate away from their cart to search for applicable coupons to redeem on their purchase.  Mezzacca noted, "Retailers also benefit by continuously keeping customers on their site throughout the checkout process."  Mezzacca estimates the software already supports tens of thousands of online retailers.

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