Court Approves Sam Wyly to Fundraise for Non-profit Publication of His Book, The Immigrant Spirit: How Newcomers Enrich America, Through Fractured Atlas

Jul 30, 2015, 13:31 ET from WylyBooks Company

DALLAS, July 30, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Texas entrepreneur, Sam Wyly, recently received approval from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas to publish his book project, The Immigrant Spirit: How Newcomers Enrich Americathrough non-profit fundraising in order to educate and inform people about an important part of America's history and future.

"All of us descend from those who came here seeking a better life," Mr. Wyly said. "My new book, The Immigrant Spirit, is about the many benefits today's newcomers contribute to our great country."

WylyBooks Company, a Texas non-profit corporation, is seeking support for its educational project with a gift to The Immigrant Spirit with the help of our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions will help WylyBooks fund various expenses, including a small, creative staff, advertising, printing, mailing, photo costs, marketing, and e-book technology.

"I'm asking for your help with The Immigrant Spirit to educate and inform people about an important part of America's history and future," Mr. Wyly said. "I'm a lifelong history and economics student and come from a long line of teachers. This book highlights how immigrants grow local economies, create jobs, and start new businesses at much higher rates than native-born Americans. In fact, 40% of the Fortune 500 were founded or co-founded by immigrants or their children."

During a time when immigration is a nationwide topic, The Immigrant Spirit is an educational book that draws attention to the powerful stories of immigrants. 

"Why are public attitudes toward newcomers often fearful?" Mr. Wyly said. "For instance, immigrants are more law abiding, and go to jail a lot less. Wouldn't we all be better served by celebrating our ethnic and intellectual diversity, empowering newcomers to become prosperous, contributing citizens? Please consider a gift to this educational project."

About Sam Wyly
Sam Wyly is a lifelong entrepreneur and author. His first book, 1,000 Dollars & An Idea, is a biography that tells his story of creating and building companies, including University Computing, Michaels Arts & Crafts, Sterling Software, and Bonanza Steakhouse. His second book, Texas Got It Right!, co-authored with his son, Andrew, was gifted to roughly 450,000 students and teachers, thought leaders, and readers, and continues to be a best-seller in its Amazon category.

About Fractured Atlas
Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is the country's largest arts service organization, reaching a network of more than 250,000 artists in all 50 states and all 435 congressional districts. Dedicated to empowering artists with the support they need to work effectively and thrive, Fractured Atlas provides funding, insurance, technology, education, and other services critical to building sustainable careers and organizations.

About The Immigrant Spirit: How Newcomers Enrich America
The Immigrant Spirit is an educational book that tells stories of immigrants coming to and living in the United States.

Charitable contributions must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Donations may be made at Fractured Atlas's website:

Please mail checks to WylyBooks, 300 Crescent Court, Suite 850, Dallas, Texas, 75201, with "The Immigrant Spirit: How Newcomers Enrich America" written in the check memo line.


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