Courtyard of Qiao's Family -- Treasure of Shanxi Businessmen

Nov 25, 2011, 08:00 ET from City Channel of CRI Online

CHANGZHI, China, Nov. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- In China, Shanxi businessmen were renowned for being one of the most successful groups in Chinese history. An original report by City Channel of CRI Online follows:

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The history of Shanxi businessmen ranges from the Ming to the Qing Dynasty, reaching its peak during the Qing Dynasty, when Shanxi businessmen got fruitful achievements in China and had a good reputation in Europe and Asia. Given the glorious achievements made by Shanxi businessmen, they are compared with Italian businessmen by the international economic history researchers.

Chinese people always attach great importance to family, as a result, the successful Shanxi businessmen are always dedicated to land purchase and house renovation, to make a home of themselves as well as their children and grandchildren. The culture of "courtyard of Shanxi businessmen" originated with such historical background. There are lots of courtyards preserved well nowadays and the Courtyard of Qiao's Family is definitely the most representative one.

Located in Qiao's village of Dongguan township in Qixian County of Shanxi Province, the Courtyard of Qiao's Family started to be built during the Qianlong emperor period in the Qing Dynasty. The courtyard included the Central Yard, the Dexing Yard, the Baoyuan Yard, and the Ningshou Yard. The Central Yard, which is already accessible for tourists, is famous for its symmetrical layout, exquisite design, elegant construction, and perfect craft. Experts deemed it "a bright pearl in the construction history of northern China". It is said that "the emperor had the forbidden city, while the common residential house lies in Qiao's". It has gained the title of State-level key relic protection site and "AAAA" level tourism zone since it was open to the public in 1986, and it has become a famous tourism resort for domestic and international travelers.

The Dexing Yard, which has finished renovation in the second phase project, will be open to the public sooner. The Dexing Yard, with an area of 7,000 square meters, included seven big yards, 16 small yards, and also a theater yard. There are four parts in the yard with the themes of loyalty, filial, integrity, and justice. The main theme of the Dexing Yard is fork belief, which will be combined with modern technology of sound, light and electricity, to reflect the culture of folk and Shanxi businessmen. It will bring a space with both elegance and popularity for tourists to learn knowledge from entertainment.

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