Coutot-Roehrig is Forging Ahead With its International Development and Opening a Subsidiary in Switzerland

Jun 28, 2010, 03:57 ET from Coutot-Roehrig

PARIS, June 28, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- This Company, which specialises in locating heirs, is now offering its services to Swiss bankers.

The global leader in genealogy, Coutot-Roehrig focuses mainly on locating heirs upon lawyer request to assist in estate settlement proceedings.

For the past few years, the Company has developed its sphere of operations by working in a B2B capacity for management agents, life insurance companies (locating beneficiaries), and more...

With the creation of this structure in Geneva, Coutot-Roehrig now offers bankers the possibility of locating of unclaimed or escheated accounts holders (or their heirs).

"The people located for these "dormant" assets are pleasantly surprised to see that the banks had taken this initiative," said Guillaume Roehrig, President of Coutot-Roehrig Switzerland.

"This approach is excellent for the banking world, which has had a rough ride in the past few months in terms of image and ethics," he added.

About Coutot-Roehrig:

Coutot-Roehrig was founded in 1895 in Paris. Today the company has 31 branches and 245 collaborators in France, Italy, Belgium, Poland and now has a company in Switzerland.

The global leader in its field, it has more than 900 million digital data entries.

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