Coveo Launches Version 2.0 of Its Innovative Customer Information Access Solutions (CIAS)

New, out-of-the-box Customer 360 and dynamic dashboards focus on customer satisfaction and customer service operations to drive customer retention and loyalty

Jun 17, 2010, 11:58 ET from Coveo

CHICAGO and QUEBEC CITY, June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Coveo, a leading provider of customer information access and enterprise search solutions, today announced Version 2.0 of its Customer Information Access Solutions (CIAS), which include CIAS for Customer 360, CIAS for Contact Centers, and CIAS for Customer Self Service.



Coveo's Customer Information Access Solutions were launched in October 2009 and quickly gained marketplace momentum due to the solutions' trademark, unified access into all product, service, and customer information from intuitive and role-specific dashboards, based on Coveo's Unified Indexing Layer. New to CIAS Version 2.0 are several intelligence-revealing, role-centric dashboards with user-profile based interactions.

"Customers, agents, managers and executives all have different perspectives, and Version 2.0 of our CIAS offering provides the specific insight that each requires, through dynamic, tailored interfaces and dashboards," said Richard Tessier, EVP Products with Coveo, "Since introducing our CIAS, we've seen steadily growing demand, as more customer service leaders realize the value of infusing knowledge access into the infrastructures they've built over the past decade. Knowledge access has been the missing link that enables these organizations to achieve peak levels of service excellence and efficiency."

Tessier continued, "Our clients are seeing such improvements as a 50 percent reduction in average case resolution times, and increases in customer satisfaction of as much as 10 percent.  Version 2.0 builds on these successes with even more comprehensive views of account information that will arm contact center agents, sales managers, and executives with powerful information to help make more informed decisions that will ultimately affect the bottom line."

Coveo CIAS Version 2.0 includes the following:

CIAS for Customer 360: Analytics Dashboards, with:

  • At-a-glance account information with a single, multi-faceted view into account status and health, compiled from information in multiple, distributed systems.
  • Graphical summaries of aggregate account metrics, such as current opportunities correlated to priority support cases, which allow managers to easily identify accounts and important issues that require attention.
  • Operational overviews that allow support managers to quickly analyze key metrics and review priorities, to ensure customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies.

The Coveo Usage Analytics module provides comprehensive information that enables continuous process improvement and solution tuning:

  • Compiles and presents all user interactions within the CIAS solution.
  • Explores top queries, documents, interfaces, users, queries without results, and various user behaviors.
  • Helps administrators easily identify trending support issues, knowledge and content gaps, and gather insights to improve usability and adoption, via an intuitive user interface.

Coveo CIAS for Contact Centers:

  • Configurable agent dashboard displays relevant, actionable items, including new cases in the support queue, actions required, and new knowledgebase content.
  • Provides integrated information access, from across the knowledge ecosystem, including CRM systems, knowledge bases, customer communities, chat, support mailbox, product FAQs, bug databases, and more.
  • Enhances workflow with related content that is seamlessly linked; when analyzing a case, agents can easily locate similar cases, as well as related email threads.

Coveo CIAS for Customer Self-Service increases web-based self-service via secure support sites, customer portals, or communities, including:

  • Consolidated access to information from multiple repositories in a seamless web interface.
  • Contextually relevant, guided navigation.
  • Secure access to support case status and details, including graphical history of associated case actions.

Coveo's Customer Service Solution was recently named a Leader in the 2010 CRM Service Awards presented by CRM Magazine.  For more information, visit or download the White Paper, "Beyond Search: Customer Information Access."  

About Coveo

Coveo is a leader in enterprise search-powered solutions.  The Coveo Enterprise Search Platform and Customer Information Access Solutions help organizations generate value from information and knowledge stored across the enterprise, in virtually any system, whether they reside in the cloud or on enterprise servers—all without moving data.  Companies can also get started at no cost, with Coveo Expresso 2.0 Beta, Coveo's free, entry-level enterprise search solution.

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