CQ Roll Call Announces Launch of CQRC Engage

Oct 22, 2012, 08:00 ET from CQ Roll Call

CQ Roll Call's revolutionary new advocacy platform's groundbreaking features to transform online advocacy with enhanced, digital tools that help organizations affect change

WASHINGTON, Oct. 22, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- CQ Roll Call, an Economist Group business, announced today the launch of CQRC Engage, its revolutionary new advocacy platform.  Recognizing the evolving advocacy landscape and the need to reach audiences with greater efficiencies, CQRC Engage will provide groundbreaking digital tools that help organizations affect change and move advocacy forward.

"CQRC Engage is a game-changer because it addresses a market shift where there is a change in behavior towards engagement and thought leadership," says Peter Anthony, Senior Vice President and Publisher, CQ Roll Call Advocacy and Engagement. "CQRC Engage allows users to invest in long term value by providing the resources to establish thought leadership, engage an audience, build and organize communities, and target future campaigns towards user action and interests."

CQRC Engage serves as a comprehensive advocacy and engagement platform that will allow clients to manage the complete lifecycle of advocacy and audience engagement.  Specifically, organizations will be able to build and manage online solutions, integrate dynamic content, capture user-generated content and involvement, target messaging to officials or custom recipients, and allow for better analytics around advocacy.

"CQRC Engage is in line with CQ Roll Call's new strategy as a digital-first business," says Keith White, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, CQ Roll Call.  "This product is a key example of how CQ Roll Call is opening up a new suite of offerings and tools – to stay ahead of and move beyond our competitors in the industry."

"When communities and people within those communities feel passionate about an issue, they advocate," says Anthony.  "But in today's evolving digital world, behavior around advocacy has changed. Advocacy is no longer linear – it's not just sending a letter or signing a petition, or liking a Facebook page.  Today, advocacy is about organizing the fragmented conversations happening around an issue and transforming that conversation into engagement and action."

For more information on CQRC Engage or to request a demo, please visit: cqrollcall.com/cqrcengage

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