Craving Crusher® Picked Up By Industry Leading Select Nutrition, A Division Of United Health Foods Inc., For National Distribution

The Proprietary Healthy Protein and Hunger Management Product is now available for purchase by retailers across the country.

Aug 17, 2015, 10:00 ET from Craving Crusher(R)

MIAMI, Aug. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Craving Crusher ® has accomplished a major milestone in the natural foods and health-conscious industry.  This unique product has obtained national distribution under Select Nutrition, the largest distributor of Vitamins, Supplements, Personal Care Products and Sports Nutrition in North America. Craving Crusher® is an innovative combination of protein and natural ingredients that support healthy hunger control and also packs an impressive 15 grams of a hydrolyzed whey protein blend in a single, portable serving.  Craving Crusher® was selected to join the Select catalog after successfully complying with a series of stringent requirements that ensures only the highest quality products are chosen for distribution. Joining the Select family presents an immense business opportunity to enter more than 5,000 retailers throughout the nation. Ideally, health conscious Americans from every corner of the country will have access to purchase the 3 oz. bottle packed with a nutritional punch at their local retailer. 

"This is a huge leap forward for our business," said Franco DeVecchi Jr., founder of the company.  "To say that we are now part of Select's catalog of products means that they understand the power of Craving Crusher® and its unique product profile and characteristics."

The quality of Craving Crusher®'s Proprietary Healthy Protein and Hunger Management Product comes from the powerful mix of natural and high-quality ingredients, including a highly purified whey protein component and other Natural Ingredient's that have been receiving a great deal of attention from the industry. Each ingredient is intentionally adding nutritional value, and unlike other products, Craving Crusher® does not contain stimulants that may affect cardiovascular function such as caffeine, guarana or B12. 

Craving Crusher® can be consumed at any point as a healthy snack option or 'in-between meals' boost for the metabolism.  It is a portable option heavily infused with rapidly absorbed protein hydrolysate to help satisfy hunger throughout the day.  Athletes, from beginners to experienced, are encouraged to consume Craving Crusher® as a pre- or post-workout supplement to help boost muscle recovery and maintain lean muscle.  Most importantly, this functional product eliminates the need for shakers, blenders or powders while delivering a superior protein supplement.  

"Craving Crusher®'s innovative approach to supplemental nutrition has created excitement in the market," said DeVecchi Jr. "We are pioneering a product that facilitates individuals' protein and nutritional goals by providing an innovative, easy-to-consume portable mini-bottle package."

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