Create a Sexy Road Trip Bucket List with 10 Tips from Astroglide

Summer is the Perfect Time for Long Drives and Bonding with Your Partner

Jul 22, 2013, 09:05 ET from Astroglide

VISTA, Calif., July 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Summer is the time for stretching out long days, picnics, fireworks, and romance. It's also the season for road trips which can offer you and your partner a time to escape your normal routines and really bond. Make the most of a long drive by trying new things and embracing your fundamental sense of adventure.

Ten hot tips for enjoying the sexiest road trip, from the experts at Astroglide:

  1. While some believe RV's are just for retirees, they can offer a good value. Must feature a bed, so if you want to stop off the road to enjoy some frisky time, you don't have to settle on a cheap motel!
  2. Your choice of car makes a difference. Did any classic road trip movies involve a sub-compact car that barely makes it up hills? Of course not! Think about a muscle car or a convertible which has the added benefit of giving you more room for back seat fun.
  3. Be really ambitious and try to join the "50 State Club" where you get "lucky" in every state. You could cross off five states in New England in just a day!
  4. Camping and summer go hand-in-hand. Drive to a National Park and then put in some leg work to a secluded spot in the wilderness. Romance will blossom over a campfire and S'mores.
  5. Do some streaking! Dare each other to run through the hotel lobby or camp site with nothing but socks and a smile. The best time to do this might be just before you leave town, so the local sheriff doesn't come looking for you...
  6. Set the mood with the right romantic music. Your partner can only laugh when you put in some Marvin Gaye 15 minutes before arriving at your next hotel.
  7. Dress flirty for the road. There's nothing wrong with women showing a little leg while they are cruising down the road.
  8. Take the scenic route. There are many older highways throughout the country that have much more appeal than the standard freeways. A slower pace and better scenery will help you appreciate the time and your partner.
  9. Taking part in some backseat shenanigans can be a highlight of any road trip. There are two cautions. You want to be comfortable, and you don't want to get arrested. Make sure your car isn't easy to spot from the road and invest in some car shades! For maximum comfort, pull the front seats as far forward as you can.
  10. Don't overdo the driving. Trying to cram in 800 miles in a day will only make you tired, sore, and cranky.  Don't focus on hitting mileage milestones, just keep a good pace and really enjoy the sights. It will be hard to focus on pleasing your partner if you spend 12 hours a day driving.

Beyond just providing you and your partner with some variety to spice up your sex life, road trips are a great chance to rekindle romance. Take the road less traveled and try new experiences to make the 2013 summer the best it can be.

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